Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Vintage Vixen

(dress- People are People | shoes-Parisian Jr. | purse-vintage | pearl necklace- The Landmark)
I'm glad I found a friend in Mira--my mom's office-mate's daughter who celebrated her 18th birthday at Rustica over the long weekend--even though I'm older than her. Di naman halata diba? Haha! It was a very nice change to hang with my aunts' children and my titas and titos who were all so funny and makulit, (they were more boisterous than us actually) that it seemed like the event was their party. Haha! I just love it.

Anyway, I dressed up with a theme in mind and that was uhm...20's flapper girl. Yes, I was perfectly aware that I wasn't wearing a flapper dress but the drop-waist and silver applique on my satin-y dress gave a 20's vibe, or so I think it did. So I grabbed my pearls, headband and vintage clutch to complete this vintage look. Et voila! I looked like a modern day 20's girl. (Please agree with me hahaha!)

What's funny about this dress is that it served as a mediator when Mama and I had a squabble prior to the event and we weren't speaking to each other for 2 days. I guess that's the thing when you have a super close relationship with your mom, you joke around, gossip and laugh like you're best friends but you fight like friends as well (or maybe that's just us). Haha! So yeah, it took us 2 days to patch things up (we've had longer fights) and she lent me this 'coz I had nothing to wear that night and just like the sisterhood of the traveling pants, it fit me well. It's actually a blouse on her but on me, it's a dress. And that was how this LBD broke the ice between us. You can see me wearing her clothes here, here and here. After namin mag-bati bongga sa chika si Mama about the clothes that she bought eh. Di kinaya mang-deadma tungkol sa mga pinag-shoshopping nya. Haha! :)

That's it for now!



  1. I can never pull off the red lip like you can! :)


  2. thank you nicoco and charmaigne! :)

  3. gillian- why thank you. :) i do like swiping some red stain on my lips. I'm glad you think it looks okay on me. :)

  4. i love your pearl necklace and red lips.

  5. i hate squabbles with my mom haha but can't be helped i guess :) happens.

    Love the dress on you! you remind me of the 50's classy ladies, jonessa!

  6. wow your black on black look is so beautiful!! following you now <3


  7. love all your accessories. it perfectly matches your outfit and i love the fact that your pictures are sooo clear!


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