Monday, September 30, 2013

Blue Crush

Look at me wearing two colors that I rarely wear/use. These, however, are Mark's chosen colors. I now can't help but associate these hues to his favorite NBA team the New York Knicks ever since he passionately introduced me to it. Consequently, this hotpants and shirt combo remind me of jersey uniforms---the shorter version worn by players circa the 1970s, that is. 

Now these are things that I don't do often. 
1. Wear blue and orange. 
2. Graze on the topic of sports.  
3. Incorporate anything sport-related to my fashion choices. Or just my life in general, really.

Everyone knows how lame I am when it comes to physical fitness. I have a weird phobia of balls and sports. In grade school, my P.E. instructors would just exempt me from participating in any form of vigorous exercises (starting grade 2 to 6). They just let me happily sit on the benches playing paperdolls or dominoes---safe from bouncing and rebounding balls! No kidding. The one time I was pushed out of my comfort zone was in high school when I had to play volleyball which was equivalent to an exam. I was so anxious I felt like I was gonna get myself sick thinking of the humiliation that would undoubtedly happen once I come in contact with the ball. I "served" once, and obviously the ball didn't even so much as touch the net. After seeing my lame attempt, they just let me sit down and watch on the sidelines again. *laughs*  Now you know why talking about sports on MY blog is kind of otherworldly for me. 

What brought on all these, you ask? Well today I had to sit through the experience again in my P.E. class. But unexpectedly, I had a really fun day and it sorta extinguished my fear about the subject so I'm open to talking about it here on my blog now. Let's see what's in store for me this term! I'll keep you updated. :)

top and shorts- SM GTW
shoes- Parisian

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Sweet Pink

This outfit has a really simple silhouette and style. But if you look beyond the simplicity of it, you'll see that there are different prints and textures that comprise it. The plain t-shirt is spruced up with sheer lace that is both dainty and sexy at the same time. The skirt is polka-dotted and floral, the shoes are in a neutral shade but perforated, and the bag adds a pop of color to this monochromatic pink look. The different patterns somehow add a touch of intricacy, don't you think? 

t-shirt- Pink Manila
skirt- Cotton On
bag- Coach

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Loving You Is Red

Today is my mom's birthday and I wore this earlier to her lunch celebration. For some reason I would always wear red on birthdays even though we don't normally follow Chinese traditions in my family. It's just something I picked up I guess when I was young when my family would tell stories about our Chinese relatives. Anyway I feel weird just talking about it since my siblings and I have about 1/8 of Chinese blood running in our veins only. Haha! I just noticed that it's become an unconscious yet natural move to wear red for me. A couple of blog posts away I also sported red on my boyfriend's birthday and also a gown in this shade on my debut. I think it's perfect and apt for celebrations. I'm also biased because it's my favorite color---if it isn't very telling yet, what with my blog title and all. :)

tank top- Forever 21
skirt- Forever 21
cardigan- Forever 21
ribbon necklace turned brooch- Flatterbuy
shoes- Celine
bag- Coach

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Casual Sophisticate

I had been such a busy bee. So much so that for the month of August I got to publish 2 blog entries only! I don't think that has ever happened to me before until now. Forgive me. I am back to blogging now though as I had just finished with my first term as a *legit* fashion design student. Gosh. I am over the moon.

Now, now, I feel like my writing has gone rusty! Please bear with my stunted thoughts and fragmented writing! For sure I'll get my groove back soon.

Here's an outfit that I wore to a celebratory date with my main man at our new favorite wine place, Terry's at The Podium! I went for a pencil skirt because my thighs are still blemished and currently healing from ant-bites. Curse them ants. The itching is just pure torture! I was just being a sweet girl. Get it? Sweet and...ants? Alright, I'll stop. Haha! Since I didn't wanna go the prim and proper route like I did before, I made it look casual by pairing my skirt with a simple t-shirt and wedge sneakers. The result was a fresh and interesting contrast of casual and sophisticated. What do you think?

top- random brand
skirt- Forever 21
sneaks- S&H
bag- Kenneth Cole
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