Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Heat is On!

The heat is on here in Manila!

With the sun's rays and scorching heat prickling our skins during the summer, a much needed refreshing drink such as this will surely help cool things down.

This here, Mango Aloe, is one of our fave drinks in school. The aloe gelatin at the bottom is my fave. Oh I sooo want one now! Too bad I will have to go to Taft just to be able to drink this baby... :( Oh well, I'll just have to concoct my own bev then. (sighs)

On to my outfit post then...

Before I got sick, I was already feeling summer and the heat as well hence the "no-more-cardigan-look". And since our school has a dresscode, I wasn't able to pair my shirt with shorts which would've made it a cuter get-up for school.

(the gingham print of the shirt reminds me of a picnic table cloth in red. Haha!)

Oh dear, I can't wait to finally be able to go out! :D

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Timeless and Classy

WOW, just WOW. Blonde Bombshell much?


I must admit that these photos are something. I'm not a huge fan of Blake Lively especially after she took on the role of Serena because I'm more of a Blair fan but these photos can't help but make me admit that Blake looks beautiful and seductive here, well she always has been, but I find this look sexier/classier on her. She could be the modern day Veronica Lake in these photos. I approve...not that she needs my approval or anything. Haha!

But Blake looking stunning here is beside the point, the reason why I posted these is because this will be the theme of my debut. Old Hollywood Glamour. I have always had a liking for this era and that is why whenever there is a formal event, I would always channel the style during the old hollywood era.
I've done it before during prom and I'll do it again on my debut. I think that this style is a part of me. Yes, I'm still young and have yet to find what my real style is, but for now this is what I am, well at least some part of it. Hey. it's one step to finding out my OWN style. :)

(after painting our faces in the salon)

(I was inspired by Jenny Humphrey's hairstyle in one of the episodes in GG, hence the hair do)

(that satin choker was a last minute creation by my sis-in-law because when I drew the sketch/design for my gown, I envisioned myself wearing a choker and yes I designed my own gown)

It's nice to think that while most of the girls went for princessy gowns, I went for something old hollywood. Heehee. :">
Now I can't wait for my debut!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Love and Hate Cafe

I've mentioned in one of my posts that me and my gal pals often conduct photoshoots of our own just for good times sake and mostly because of boredom; and this Gossip Girl inspired photoshoot was one and the first of our many photoshoots that we have done together. These photos were taken by my old humble phone because I didn't have my SLR then. :D (photos edited by yours truly and most of the pics were taken by me as well)


Three faux-cialites talking things over at their usual chillspot...
Looks like they've already buried the hatchet and started to kiss and make up...
Aww...a rekindled friendship waiting to be wrecked again by who, you may ask?
Well it's no surprise if we hear that they're foes once again...
It's in their area of expertise...
It has been their routine...
oh the drama!

...and I'm always here, always watching, providing you with the latest gossip.

You know you love to hate me,

And that's a wrap! These photos were GG inspired because if you have seen the cover of the GG books, the models' faces weren't entirely seen on the covers. So there, that's our GG inspired photoshoot you guys. :) Can't wait to have more photoshoots with them! :D

a sight to see

Ah, photography.

(my shot, no SLR cam involved)

(this one is Russel's shot)

(Hmm, reminds me of Shrek's swamp)

(the water being so still is creepy: anna's shot)

(macro shot of Charlotte's web :D)

...and nature being one of the best subjects ever.

We had a field trip in one of our classes which is Biology and our group was assigned to take photos of flowering wood plants. We were reluctant at first because it was freaking hot but after taking several pictures, we actually enjoyed it.

What came after was much better though : swimming! :D

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Because the Baby is Now a Lady

Shopping for two days straight in search for the perfect outfit to wear at my dear friend's debut was definitely fun but admittedly a bit tiring. Had fun scouring the mall with my good friend Ara and may I say that our purchases did us good especially our wallets. Hee. :">

with the pretty in pink debutante :)

Bodycon dress + floral shoes...unlikely pair? Nah!

'Twas a comfortable outfit despite the snug fit of the dress.

A little photoshoot with them. Sorry, most of our pics were taken inside the powder room because of the wonderful lighting. HAHA! Oh alright, I just didn't know how to make use of my SLR in the dim light which in turn, slows down the shutter speed. I have yet to figure out how to work this camera. lol.

My HOT BFF. :)

The Lady in Red.

I have such lovely and fashionable friends! :)
Happy 18th Arpp, thank you for sharing that wonderful night with us.

Love Love!

One Hot Afternoon...

After postponing a lot of our meet-up' last, we were finally complete this time! It's been so hard to gather my friends for us to meet up even just for a cup of coffee. If it weren't for Ara--the impatiently patient friend of mine (haha!)--this event, not to mention the photos, would've been non-existent.

Which leads us to my first outfit post! (Yey!)

Inspired to dress up cutely because I've been listening to a lot of K-POP songs lately.

It was a comfortable outfit, no doubt about it, but I was wrong when I wore it during the afternoon, especially since it's getting warmer here in the Philippines. But hell, I'd rather sweat it than not look good at all. Oh the things I'd do for Fashion. HAHA!
We don't frequent this place anymore unlike before...Oh well, it's good to be back. :)

Awww, my favorite people. :">

So, the inevitable introductions...

Hello everyone! Jonessa here and this is my personal style blog! You'll be seeing my outfits here and anything that I find beautiful and anything artsy fartsy. This will be an avenue where I can express my creativity and love for Fashion, photography and the arts. I am a Communication Arts student but my first love is Fashion. That is one of the many reasons why I felt like I needed to have a fashion blog. Haha! I've been meaning to create my own fashion diary for quite some time now (in fact I've had several blogs before this, all of which, left abandoned) and it is only now that I finally had the courage to push through with it. I hope you'll share this beautiful experience with me...

Love lots my dears,
Scarlet April xoxo

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