Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Wit Beyond Measure is Man's Greatest Treasure

Late post! Been busy with my midterm exams/stories that I wasn't able to blog about this right away. Sorry 'bout that. Anyway, after watching the last Harry Potter movie last July 15, I suddenly became nostalgic and started re-watching all the HP films and re-reading the books (parts 1, 2, 5 & 6). Hmm...Explains why it took me a long time to blog about this. Haha!
Decided to dress up as a Ravenclaw student 'coz it was the last film! So forgive me for this HP-themed post. Hihi.Wit beyond measure is man's greatest treasure.
I didn't have a tie so I just settled for my blue ribbon from Tomato.
Do you guys like my 9inches-mahogany-it's-really-a-chopstick-wand? Haha!
Ah...This outfit reminds me of my Diliman Prep high school uniform. :(
...and that's me with my mom...and the lampin that my sis lent me 'coz I didn't bring a hanky with me to the movies and I was practically bawling. No kidding.
This isn't even an exaggeration, but I was just like this when I watched the film. Hahaha! I started crying when I realized that I won't have to bug my mom into buying me the sequel to a HP book for the coming years, no more HP films to look forward to every year and while thinking about all these, I also couldn't help but marvel at it's beauty. I mean, the film and the book are two different media but together, they are one beautiful creation.
And because I don't wanna end this post with me being sappy. Poor Voldy. Haha!


Friday, July 15, 2011

It's a date!

Tuesday was THE day my fave cousin visited me in school. We went on a little date after my class and here's what happened that day.
Cute fork eh? I had cheesy chicken with adobo rice for lunch with Meli at a Korean resto in Agno/Castro near school after my last class for the day. I don't really like tea and I thought the iced tea that came with our lunch was the regular Nestea/Lipton iced tea...well it wasn't. It was real tea. Ehh...I didn't like it. Okayrandom. Haha!After having lunch, I met with my cousin Mariel in school and we ate (yet again) at Pasta Plate 'coz she was craving for some churros.
Waited for my big sister to come pick us up so we could all go to MOA and window shop.
And here's a 'lil something that made me kilig! Saw myself on a Manels poster! :)
Found a nice orange wall as backdrop for my outfit post in MOA! I can't help thinking that my outfit for that day looked like a casual version of a man's suit (with a twist too!). My bow tie was made of studs, studded harems for slacks, cropped blazer with zipper trimmings on the lapels for a tux and white lace tank for a crisp white shirt! Hmm, Imma burst out singing about suuuits ala Barney now! Haha!
Finally had my froyo fix! My pick? Froyo with mango chunks, butterscotch and cheesecake! I like the taste of their froyo. Sweet and not too sour. My fave after Red Mango. :)

Watched 'lil girls in skates for awhile, then off we went to Trinoma to catch the last screening of Monte Carlo!
The story was okay, the clothes were pretty and Leighton, Selena, and Katie were all very lovely and perfect for their roles. I also loved that Leighton went au naturel in this film, she barely had any make-up on and her wavy beach tresses completed the look! But I guess, my fave character in this film wasn't Leighton (though I am a huge fan of hers!). I just thought Katie Cassidy was a breath of fresh air in this film! I adored her fake Texan accent (though it was missing in some parts of the movie), her playful banters with Leighton and her fun presence! I did like Selena as Cordelia though. She played her snotty British counterpart well that Mariel and I couldn't stop laughing at how bitchy she was as Cordelia the spoiled but fierce British heiress. Haha! After watching we wanted to don huge Jakie O-ish sunglasses and tinker with our phones like we're so freakin' bored as we imitate her and say in a low voice (in British accent too): "The key to my room. FASTER" and "My mother wants me to go to this charity thing". Hahaha!

It was a light chick flick and that's all there is to it really but that's not entirely a bad thing. Haha! It was the perfect movie to end a tiring but fun-filled day with my cousin.


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Cool Colors

If you've read my previous post, I mentioned there that I went "dress-hunting" for a friend's debut. Well, this was my outfit on that day, July 2, 2011, a Saturday. Bought this color-block bodycon dress for a really cheap price (got it for only 389php!) at Landmark, Trinoma the night before the party. My personal formula when it comes to dressing up for a "one-time only" event (in my case a debut), go cheap and accessorize. (I mean, of course you still have to check if the material/fabric is nice.) So yeah, this look didn't cost me much. The shoes are from SM Dept. Store that I got for only 899php, and the pearl necklaces are a hundred each. I like how the overall look reminds me of partying in the Caribbeans what with the cool colors and all.

So here are some photos from that fun night.
Ara and the birthday girl Debbie. :)
Suede pumps for sale? Haha!
OH EM. May balagtasan? Haha! (Nevermind the weird hand gesture, just look at my eye-lash extensions Hahaha!)
Oh dear me. Proof that I had an amazing time that night. Can you tell that I was hyper? Haha!
Thank God I wore cyclings underneath my dress, I was practically flashing everyone with it when I got a teensy bit tipsy (haha in denial?). Another thing, although the outfit looked pretty, I learned that it's not advisable to wear layers of pearls to a party unless you want to get choked fashionably as you jump, jump and jump to the beat of the music and die eventually hahaha! It was a great party mainly because I was with my HS friends whom I haven't seen for so long. It's really amazing how I can laugh so hard (that it distorts my face) yet not be conscious of it and my every action and just be myself (my wapoise self) when I'm with them. The party wouldn't be as fun if they weren't there to enjoy it with me. Now I long to be reunited with them again.

Photo credits: Karla Galima


Sunday, July 10, 2011

Friday I'm In Love

I don't care if Monday's blue
Tuesday's grey and Wednesday too
Thursday I don't care about you
It's Friday I'm in love

My favorite day of the week. Then again who doesn't like Fridays? Usually, I can't be bothered to dress-up for school because I commute from Q.C. all the way to Taft and I don't wanna attract unnecessary attention that could put me in an uncomfortable situation. But I make an exception on Fridays. Why? It's my non-haggard school day 'coz I get to attend one class only and that's my literature elective (8:00am-9:30am). I also noticed that lately, I've been exerting extra effort to doll up 'coz in that class, (aside from the fact that I love my lit classes) I found a motivation a.k.a. crush who inspires me to get over my laziness in dressing-up for school. Haha! Plus, every Friday I fetch my mom at work and we go on dates and the woman doesn't like me going out not looking decent and pretty. Haha! So 2 weeks ago, we went on another date and she treated me to lunch and I had the yummiest salmon carbonara ever (too bad I didn't bring my cam!) then we met her officemates at UCC for dessert and coffee and while they were chit-chatting about taxes and parenting, I went to Lavish Lashes Studio to get eye-lash extensions. I love the result but the process of putting them on and the adhesive stung and my eyes were red for days I looked like I was on drugs. Haha! After that, my mom accompanied me to look for a dress that I'd wear on my friend's debut (will blog about it soon).

So yeah. This was my outfit 2 Fridays ago (though I wore tights underneath and took 'em off after class haha!). It's basically an outfit remix. But I don't really like wearing new clothes/shoes in school (baka masira due to flood and rain like my fave pair of floral oxfords huhu). I like saving 'em for dates with friends and events. Oh diba. Haha!

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