Monday, October 31, 2011

The Governess and The Charge

Happy Halloween y'all! Here are the photos from our self-conducted mini photo shoot! These were shot a day before we left Manila with the help of my tripod and remote---so pardon me if you see me clutching it in my hands on these photos. Last year, I dressed up as Japanese cellist/singer Kanon Wakeshima in Gothic Lolita fashion which you can view here, with my good friend En. My peg this year is the evil version of a governess. I was taking a shower that fateful afternoon when the idea sprang to my mind. Haha! Think Maria of Sound of Music, Jane Eyre, Miss Minchin (though she's already evil) all combined together to form one hell of a governess. Haha! I'm just so fascinated with the idea of being a governess at the moment since I just recently watched The Sound of Music (the film) and Jane Eyre. My sister, Natasha, is my charge here. Together, we form The Governess and The Charge From The Dead, Miss Jones (from my name Jonessa haha) and Tasha. *evil laugh* 

I'll keep this post short as I'm currently in Bicol and I'm supposed to prepare the Banoffee Pie for tomorrow's celebration right So...ciao bellas! Hope you like it! :)


Saturday, October 29, 2011

Be Right Back

I shall leave for Bicol, our province, tomorrow to visit my grandparents' graves and celebrate Halloween there (and maybe go to a resort). So far, packing light is proving to be difficult and challenging (as you can observe for yourself) because my luggage is quite full already and doesn't have enough room for my pambahay clothes anymore. But enough of my silly woes I'm sure I can squeeze in a few more pieces here and there. I will be away for a week and won't be able to update my blog much---not that I blog regularly haha---but I will definitely miss it. I'm already preparing for a blogging withdrawal---have you also experienced this sort of thing? :)

It saddens me that I won't be leaving an outfit post to compensate for my being away for a week and all I have here instead are photos of books that I have read (rather slowly) in the past weeks and my favorite lines and passages from Emma and The Great Gatsby. I'm currently reading Emma and will bring it with me to Bicol and let me just say that reading a classic is both a pleasure and a pain. A pleasure, because it transports you into another period of time, lets you have a glimpse of what life was like in that era but it is also a pain because of the language, to be honest. It is a lovely language, yes. It is by no means flowery but it has a lovely cadence to it that I greatly enjoy especially when I read it aloud to myself. But I cannot deny that those words can sometimes be overwhelming and a bit too much for my "21st-century-young-adult-novels-reading-self". Haha! I sometimes find myself stuck registering a line/paragraph (oh the old fashioned English wit!) or spacing out. And when I have managed to comprehend it at last, a new word/phrase presents itself to me. That's why I have my handy dictionary glued to my side every time I read Emma or any classic novel for that matter. The first time I skimmed it, I was in 3rd year HS. A page took me at least 20 minutes to understand---because I had to consult the dictionary after every few words---that I gave up on reading it entirely. Now though, I am far from giving up. It is such a reward to read it. Haha! 

My Name is Memory was a breeze to read. Animal farm by George Orwell was not hard to understand at all especially because I already read it in 1st yr HS for our English class, though I must say that I understand its meaning and satirical nature much better now. Then I started reading The Great Gatsby which was given to me by an important person in my life then. He hoped that I would enjoy reading it as much as he did...but honestly, I just couldn't bring myself to like it. I'm so sorry. Haha! I know how much he was greatly interested in the Great Depression/Jazz Age which, If I can recall correctly, was somehow connected to the birth of his favorite superhero, Superman. It wasn't that hard to read, I just didn't feel connected to the narrator and the characters although I did love the vivid imagery (scenes of the extravagant 20's lifestyle) painted to me by the author and Gatsby's undying yet twisted love for Daisy (it's amazing how one can love a person so much that it twists one's perception). It was a tragic story.

It appears that I have rambled again, so let me end this post by saying that "I'll be right back!" :)


Thursday, October 27, 2011

Who Is But The Form Following The Function Of What

A little disclaimer before I begin? This is not a serious review, no, not at all. I just want to express my adoration for this film. V for Vendetta is one of my favorite movies and I was able to watch it again last night before I slept. *laughs* I love it for multiple reasons. One is the plot, of course. It just gets better every time I watch it, probably because my understanding for it becomes clearer and deeper as I mature. It's different from when I used to watch it back in HS with the shallow reason of crushing big-time on V and because Natalie Portman's in it. Another reason why I love it is because of the acting. Hugo Weaving played V’s character very commendably. I mean, just the fact that he’s covered up and wearing a mask for heaven’s sake but can still evoke powerful emotions with the slight tipping of his head to one side when he speaks, the hand gestures and his upright posture all done in a subtle way and not in a theatrical/exaggerated manner to the point that it’s comical---say so much about him as an effective actor! You have to watch it for yourself to get what I mean. This film is just so damn good. It never fails to stir up some strong emotions (one of which is something that's close to patriotism) within me after every watch. One last reason why I adore this film so much is because of the protagonist, V! Did I mention that he’s one of my biggest Fictional Character Crushes? I'm weird like that. But really, how could you not admire someone like him? Yes, I’m perfectly aware that he’s wearing a creepy Guy Fawkes mask and beneath it is a disfigured man who’s a freedom fighter but all eccentricities aside, he’s a beacon of hope, a gentleman, a bibliophile and has an awesome alliteration skill (dare spout words that begin in V continuously?). Hahaha! Yes, definitely crush-able. 

And now I leave you with this. Proof of V's awesome sauce alliteration skill ('tis my fave part actually, I learned a lot of new words 'coz of this haha):

picture/video source: Tumblr, Google and YouTube

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Whatever You Say Cruella

What I wore to Bea's 18th! Very Cruella Devil lang ang peg (only it's in Zebra print)! Don't you think that this hairy (or furry?) jacket that I got from F-stop is a perfect transitioning garment for Fall? Yeaaa, sucks that we don't have it---Fall, I mean---here in the Philly. But not having it didn't stop me from wearing this jacket. Hmm, I didn't exactly wear it, I just casually draped it on my shoulders as if it were a cape. I loved how different the outfit looked when I wore it as a jacket and when it just rested on my cold shoulders in a blasé manner. Amazing how a simple detail such as this can change (in a subtle way) an entire look. And this dress. It was originally my mom's and I just had it altered and turned into a tube dress. You can see here that it used to be a Sabrina-cut dress. Anyway, I noticed that I wear this shoes to parties too much when it's really the most uncomfortable pair I own. That's why whenever I wear this, I always end up barefoot or wearing flip-flops (but most of the time barefoot haha). *Sighs* I never learn! But on Bea's debut, I wore my friend's flip-flops and put it back on when I had to walk down the red-carpet for an impromptu fashion show---and I won an award btw. *Blushes* You are biased, my dear friend. Haha. :)

dress- mom's
shoes- Parisian
clutch- Accessorize
jacket- F-stop

Saturday, October 22, 2011

It's Wonderful Crazy, It's Beautiful Out of Control

Just some of my fave photos from Thursday night when our dear friend Bea celebrated her 18th at Bella Ibarra. It was almost like a reunion for us. My dear HAMMERS (that's the name of my HS Barkada---don't ask why haha) was there, some CTAC (Communication and Theater Arts Club) co-members were also present, and a few sophomore (section Maranao) classmates-friends were there as well. It was really great seeing them again. So much picture-taking, small chit-chats and hugs-and-beso happened. We had so much fun. Wait, fun is an understatement and not even the right term and adjective to describe the party. Crazy is right. Don't believe me yet? We were so hyper we were rapping Stupid Love and Super Bass in the hallway while Mel was taking a video---and I have that video stored in my computer and I'm actually contemplating whether to post it or not---(this was even before we sipped any alcohol) and when we finally hit the after-party where actual drinks were being served, well...let's just say things got a little bit out of hand. Okay, waaay out of hand. One of my friends was bestfriends with the floor that night! Apparently, she has this weird affection and fondness for floors that we had to literally drag and hoist her up while the rest of us kept nagging and mentally bitchslapping her hoping to bring her back to consciousness. Nakakaloka si ate, lahat ng type ng sahig hinigaan---mapa-semento, damuhan at dirt pa yan! Hahaha! I thought that stuff only happens in movies. "I've seen worse", said Tim. Clearly, I haven't been exposed to the world much. :))

While I am certainly not the type who likes partying, dancing and inhaling 2nd-hand smoke in posh clubs, I still enjoy going out every once in a while especially if I'm with my girls (and I do enjoy drinking cocktails haha sorry). As long as I'm with them, even the busiest and noisiest bar can still be fun for me. And that night was definitely one for the books! :)

*outfit post to follow!

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