Saturday, July 28, 2012


For my two HS best buddies' birthday celeb, I wore an all white outfit with hints of pink and tan for an innocent and lolita-ish look. It was quite a feat to remain clean and pristine with this outfit considering that I commuted from my dorm in Taft all the way to the far far land of FARview, I mean Fairview while it was pouring. I remember thinking to myself while waiting for a FX at the kanto in Taft, "Great timing Jonessa. Wear white when you're gonna step on muddy puddles and get splashed with water". Hehe. But we rarely see each other anymore so everyone really made an effort to come despite the bad weather. So yeah, I had a wonderful time catching up with my high school chums and even I could tell that I was particularly hyper and cheery that day. Amazing how the right people can bring out all the positive traits and the best in you. :)

top- Simone's Closet
metal choker- F-Stop
shorts- Karissa
flats- Parisian

Monday, July 23, 2012

Hungry Boy And Parched Girl

Type. Delete. Type. Delete. How the hell do I start this post? I am struggling to find the words and having a mental battle between keeping things private and sharing a few personal things on this blog. After all, my online life is still a part of my life. So how do I do this? Ah. Since I am very "ceremonial" when it comes to things, might as well share. (Yes! I've finally come to a decision!) *pats myself on the back* Sorry if you had to read my internal struggle. *laughs* 

He is far too important for him not to be included and introduced in my blog. So anyway, meet Hungry Boy and Parched Girl. Very complementary. He has an enthusiasm for food that equals his passion for music while he's found out that she more than enjoys her cocktails, shots, and wine. But a 'lil disclaimer, Parched Girl is no alcoholic. Haha! So yes, this guy here is the "Mark" that I've been mentioning ever-so-casually in my previous posts. 

More outfit-shot-taking-obligations for you dear! Prost! Cheers! Salute!

top- random brand
skirt- Landmark
shoes- from Hong Kong
clutch- from Hong Kong
metal necklace- F-Stop

Friday, July 20, 2012

Tangerine Flowers

Oh dear. Look at me blogging at an ungodly hour...again. My body clock is so messed up right now, I've been waking up automatically at 3 or 4 in the morning then going back to sleep a few hours later. If I remember correctly, my previous post was also typed and published during this hour. The scenario was this: I suddenly woke up in my dorm bed. Groggily and instinctively knew it was 3-4 am. Willed myself back to sleep but just can't. Felt more alert than ever, thoughts sharper and clearer. Uttered "What-the-hell" and just grabbed my laptop and typed away. This post has been drafted for so long it's begging to be published NOW. Do bear with me and my 4am thoughts. :)

These photos were taken on a random shopping day out with my mom and meeting with my lover! (Ha-ha-ha!) This kind of outfit easily became my uniform. Sheer collared blouse, metal neckpiece hidden underneath collars, slim-fitting jeans and heels. I didn't even notice that I've been wearing too much sheer tops with collars like this until Mark pointed it out. I don't think my love affair with it will end anytime soon though. What can I say, it perfectly suits my style.

top- Forever21
jeans- Jag
shoes and metal neckpiece- F-Stop
clutch- from Singapore

Friday, July 13, 2012


And I'm backkk! If the malware problem of my blog hadn't been fixed by now, I swear I'd get blogging withdrawal/anxiety. I wonder if you guys get that too? Anyway, a million thanks to my hero-slash-IT-expert-slash-tutor Mark for helping me with this! 

Now onto the look! This was my outfit when we went out to celebrate Father's Day at Shangri La Chinese Resto. The top and shorts seemed like they were meant for each other, yeah? Decided to go all matchy-matchy on this one for that quirky-fun look. If you're scared to try out the print-on-print look, then I have two tips for you (not that I'm an expert on this or anything). 1) Polka and stripes are a match made in heaven. There's just something about combining straight hard lines with soft round curves like circles that makes it geometrically pleasing to the eyes (woah, Geometry! Haha!). But seriously, if you're still not too "out there" in trying out this trend then you should definitely go for this more subtle print combo. 2) Tone it down so your outfit won't look too busy. In my case, I opted to wear a top with a simple cut (t-shirt) and plain front design. All of the print action was happening at the back. Then I used black accents and stuck to two color schemes which was black and fuchsia. 

Hope that helps! :)

top- Forever21
bag- bought online
shoes- Parisian
accessories- DV


Thursday, July 5, 2012

Bloggers United 3

With Kookie of Deathbyplatforms. Her outfit that day was my favorite! 
Gee, Me, and Nicole :)
Love Chic's Seph and Shai! Being in a relationship never looked this good! :))
One of my girl crushes *oops* Reg of Heyrocketgirl
The sweetest BFF's ever. Char and Nina
Oh to be a style blogger!
Actress/blogger Laureen Uy of Break My Style
Stylista extraordinaire Aisa Ipac of Drowning Equilibriums
These sisters prove that being plump is sexxxy. Stacy and Danah of The Plump Pinay
Sexaaay Momma Ava of Artsy Fartsy Ava
Indonesian guest blogger Anastasia Siantar of Brown Platform. Her ombre is the prettiest I've ever seen!
With Mark Siggaoat of Manels :)
Living dolls Domz of Konichiwear and JL of Only The Marvelous
Pretty sisters Verniece and Vern Enciso :)
Mango's It Girl and everyone's favorite blogger, Camille Co 
With Melai Entuna of Style and Soul 
Melai with Bjorn Bedayo
with the whimiscal girl Bestie Konisis 
my favorite Boho lass Cheyser Pedregosa of The Walking Recessionista 
Aww cutie Aie Corpuz
Mr. PR Guy, Paul Chuapoco
The Cabrera sisters, Rizza and Raleene
Nicole with Aivan Magno
Tin Iglesias of Fashion Ate The World
Here are my photos from the recently concluded Bloggers United 3. Congrats to the BU team once again! Enjoy! :)

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