Thursday, January 27, 2011

8 Little Facts

Hello gals! As promised on my previous post, I will blog about 8 random facts about myself in accordance to Channie's Stylish Blogger Award since I wasn't able to put 8 facts about myself in the last post. Anyway, here goes. Hope this'll let you get to know me more. :)

1.) I have this uncanny ability to catch cockroaches.

Eww I know. It was on my 16th birthday that I developed this skill (if you can even call it that). I was happily asleep when I felt something flutter by my headboard and just like that I caught it with my
bare hand as if it were acting on its own accord (take note I was sleeping! Haha!). Panira ng beauty sleep. After stirring a 'lil, I realized what I just did and went straight to the bathroom to wash my hands and soak it in alcohol. Haha! 'Coz of that incident, my family now teases me as the "Ipis Queen" 'coz they think it follows me wherever I go and that I'm the only one who has the special abilities to catch 'em. *Shudders* gross naman. So not glamorous. Hahaha! :))

I can draw and it's heavily influenced by my love of anime.

3.) I love detective stories, mysteries and police procedural dramas.

I'm not sure if I have expressed this enough here on my blog but I love those things mentioned above. In my intermediate years, I was already into reading Nancy Drew mystery books. Now though, I'm more likely to read Sherlock Holmes and Lisa Gardner's crime novels. I still love Nancy though and she will always hold a special place in my heart as the first sleuth who got me hooked on detective stories. As for the police procedural dramas, I'm currently loving Criminal Minds, NCIS, Bones, and CSI among others.
The yellow ones are my Nancy Drew books.
4.) I want to be a detective/FBI agent if I weren't into Fashion/girly things/and if I were tough enough to qualify for it.

Random and almost foolish, I know. Haha! If I were living in an alternate world/reality, I'll be an FBI agent specifically assigned in the Behavioral Analysis Unit specializing in profiling criminals or as a detective/teen sleuth. This must be due to my love of
number 3. :))

5.) I am a homebody.

I only go out when my friends call for one but that doesn't happen often since we usually just meet during the summer and term breaks. And, I dunno about you guys but I enjoy staying in and bumming around the house all day. I like watching TV, reading novels and surfing the net all-day and I don't find doing those things boring. Hehe. Whenever there is a family outing which involves going to the beach (most of the time), I'd gladly stay home instead (as I am also not a beach babe). My blockmates could also attest to this since I seem to always be in a hurry to go straight home after school hours. Yes, home is definitely where my heart is. Haha!

6.) I think I have a very "split-personality" erm well...personality.

No, I'm not talking about the disorder. I can't fully explain it but I seem to have two, almost completely different personalities. One of which is my being such a prim and proper girl. This is usually exhibited when I am around new acquaintances. I guess it's because of how I carry myself when I'm speaking (like how I get so formal all of a sudden for reports and stuff like that) and some say the "accent" which contradicts my very bubbly disposition and my Tagalog/Filipino-speaking, wapoise (no poise), bakla self.

I am wapoise in real life.

Do not be fooled by my uhm...graceful(?) poses as seen on my photos here on the blog 'coz I am a very wapoise lady. I laugh really hard (as in yung tipong distorted na yung mukha ko kakatawa, high-pitched laugh with matching pa-sipa sipa effect pa at sabay hampas sa katabi) which earned me the titles Jossabayo (Jossa + Kabayo), Petrang Kabayo (due to the pag-sipa gesture that I make when laughing real hard) and a whole lot of other names that have been thought of by my friends. Haha!

8.) I am drawn to nerdy, super smart guys. (mapa-fictional man o totoong buhay) Hahaha!
Sorry but I rarely get attracted to jocks, the prince charming and the boy-next-door guys. I usually develop crushes on nerds/smart guys and the like. Hahaha!

For example:

Artie of Glee (Kevin McHale)
Dr. Spencer Reid of Criminal Minds (Matthew Gray Gubler)
Did you know that his character in Criminal Minds has an IQ of 187, an eidetic memory and can read 20,000 words per minute! Hell yezzz I super crush him! Now that's my kind of guy. HAHA!
Tom of (500) Days of Summer (Joseph Gordon Levitt)
Well, I certainly had fun doing this. Hope you enjoyed reading this. Though I'm pretty sure you find me weird now. Oh well. Haha!

'Til the next post!
Scarlet April xx

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Take Me To The Country

I feel like I have a lot to share today but I worry that I might bore you with them, but since this is my blog, I'll blab on about it anyway. Haha! I'll start off this post by thanking Channie for passing on to me and (a few other bloggers) the Stylish Blogger Award. Yey! Thanks dear!:) Will share 8 deets about me on a separate post. :)Now, I know I haven't been such a good blogger lately for not blogging regularly (*sighs* I guess that's one of the many things that's nakaka-pressure in the blogging world) but that's because I've been so engrossed in a few other things in the "real life" aside from blogging and surfing the net. So what have I been doing lately, you ask? Aside from school stuff and all, I've been reading novels and been drawing/sketching a lot too. Reading and drawing eat up A LOT of time thus rendering me incapable to blog let alone take outfit shots.
(Sherlock Holmes Vols. 1 & 2 are my current reads)

Like I said, I was drawing/sketching again because my friend Raiza, asked me to design her debut gown. Raiza's a very girly-girl kind of err...girl (haha!) and her dream gown (she told me) should be classy, simple, elegant and most importantly, a balloon tulle gown. Here are a few designs that I came up with:
It was definitely a challenge for me to keep the designs as simple as it could possibly be since I like flamboyant, over the top and ruffly kind of gowns (as you all know by now if you've seen my debut gowns) but hey, (I kept reminding myself) I am not designing for myself and the one who's going to wear the gowns. Hahaha!

On to the outfit post then! And my love for anything bohemian/country continues. This reminds me so much of being in the countryside and Taylor Swift (I blame it on the plaid and denim). Haha!

*Oh and I did not cut my hair short okay? I just clipped it at the back in a low somewhat untidy bun. :)I'm wearing my plaid corset-y type tube top from PRP and denim bell-bottoms from Freeway that I bought two years ago. Yes, it's that ancient and this is the first time that I'm wearing them out. Haha! It takes me a loooong time to wear my newly bought clothes especially when I have an "outfit idea" in mind. I won't wear it until the last piece of this "outfit idea" is complete (yea, I'm a perfectionist like that). Anyhoo, this wide-legged jeans has a nice story behind it. I saw this one day in a Freeway store and I knew I had to try it on (even though I didn't have plans on buying first). When it fit me well, my heart grew swell and that's when I knew that I had to have them. Unfortunately, I spent all my shopping money that time and my mom won't loan me some more moolah. Defeated, I went home feeling dejected and empty inside. That same night, I still couldn't get over the thought of letting it pass so I told my mom that I'll sleep on the matter first. That very night, I dreamt of wearing the wide-legged jeans that I passed up and feeling all tingly and happy in the dream. Morning came and when I woke up I groggily recounted the dream to my mom and told her that I will get it no matter what. When I got home from school that day, my mom surprised me by buying the jeans for me. So that's the story of how this jeans came into my possession. Talk about the "outfit of my dreams" (literal eh noh?). Haha!

What a disjointed post! :))

Much Love,
Scarlet April xx

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Old Rose, Old Soul

(denim button-down-11th of October | floral dress-The Landmark | sandals-Babo | spike necklace-The Ramp | tan bag-Follow Your Heart)
Howdy folks! How's everybody doin'? Forgive me for the lack of updates here on my blog, see classes have already resumed for us and I've been quite busy preparing myself for school. This term, I have some really cool and exciting subjects namely: radio and video production classes (RADIPRO and VPRODUC) and I'm a bit anxious as to how I'll be able to pass these two. Last week was the start of my 6th term in school and so far I'm already liking a few subjects and my lighter class schedule.

Anyhoo, last Friday after attending my PUBLISH class, Meli dragged me with her to Quiapo for a quick fortune telling sesh. At first I was reluctant to go 'coz I really wanted to go home already and I knew that the place would be really crowded as it was the first Friday of the year and it was Quiapo day too but Meli was very persistent so I obliged. Who knew it'd be fun to get sandwiched by dozens of people and brave the intense Manila heat while looking for the manghuhula's stall? Haha! Meli's "hula" was pretty accurate while mine was...hmm, suspicious and far-fetched? Haha! The manghuhula's prediction included (much to my dismay) that I'd get married early (I was told of that already by another manghuhula so...FOR REALZ??? HAHA), I will be successful in my career, I will make it big abroad and stuff like that. I kinda expected her to say that but it was still very fun.

Oh and before I end this post, look at my new vintage finds (spot the oxymoron! Haha!)! I unearthed these inside my mom's old cabinet before the start of this term. There are more inside but I need the assistance of my ate if I'm going keep myself from shrieking every time I pull a piece out of the hanger 'coz a few cockroaches get pulled out of 'em too. Haha! I'm sooo giddy that I got my hands on these great finds! :)

Much love,
Scarlet Aprilxx

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Do the Polka!

(cropped top and shorts from my cousin Mariel | sandals-Babo | belt-SM | necklace-Girlshoppe)
Happy 2011 loves! Wore this comfy, slouchy and polka dotted outfit (yet again) yesterday. Had so much fun bonding with the family and helping out in the kitchen! Haha! How did you guys spend your New Year's celeb?

Wish you all a great and stylish year ahead! Cheers! :)

Much Love,
Scarlet April xx
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