Monday, June 13, 2011

A Change of Scene

Akward length, yea? Makes me wonder if this is a midi or maxi dress. Hence I call it the "Midi-Maxi Dress".
I was quite elated when I saw these photos that were taken by my mom. Love how she just clicked away which resulted to paparazzi like-photos and how her steady hands handled my heavy lens. Hmm, I can finally stop paying my little sister to take my outfit shots MWA-HA-HA-HA!
Birthday girls Anna Banana and Melibabes!
My heart skipped a beat when I saw all these books (they were medical books though haha!)
I just had to sleep...and Meli just had to take advantage of my vulnerability. Haha!
Waking up to this breathtaking scene. Reminded me of the movie "Everybody's Fine" 'coz of the wires silhouette against the skyline. Sunrise in Laguna. Just lovely.
Bidding this place farewell. Welcome me back Manila.
It was my college BFF's (Anna Banana!) 18th birthday and it required us to go to Laguna, where she lives. Because it was so far away from where I live (hello Quezon City!), I almost didn't make it to her party. But thank God to Meli (our block's google map and certified gala---I mean that in a good way babe!), I was able to arrive in Laguna (and come back home to MNL) safely. (Thanks for the comapany too!) I just wish Bryan, Russel, Guia and Rielle were there also to party with us and enjoy the stunning scene together! Anyway, it was a nice change of scene and Anna is now 18 (read that out loud and you'll find that it rhymes haha!).

(photos shot by: Melissa Arganda, Yours truly and Mama!)



  1. i just love your looking at your photos!
    cute anne demeulemeester shoes!

  2. lovely photos, Jossa!
    I'm also loving your Midi-Maxi Dress :))

  3. Your photos are always creative and has a story to tell, jonessa!:) The maxi looks great with the shoes!:)

  4. i love your shoes! simply fabulous!

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  6. Joningning! :> thank you so much! >:D< till our next adventure! mwuah-mwuah! <3 :*

  7. wow, beautiful sunrise! love all your photos. great styling too, i love how you paired your dress with those shoes, very unexpected but lovely :)

  8. Lovely photos! Your mom takes good photos, ha. :) And that pile of books is insane! Love the shoes, they look cool and will definitely make every outfit look hip.

    Mars of fashion insouciance

  9. Thank you so so much for appreciating the photos girls! It feels so good to know that my efforts of taking good pictures for the blog are recognized. Thank you!!! :)

  10. Lovely maxi dress and the shoes!
    OMG the pile of books made my heart skipped 2 beats haha...
    anyway lovely photos :)


  11. oo great shots~! i love the skyline, very beautiful.. wish i could wake up to a beautiful view like that :P

  12. love the midi's and those shoes! I also have one and I am loving it. thanks for reminding me to put it in use once again. I gave it a rest for a while heeh! =)

  13. i love how your paired your dress with those shoes! you look so chic in it :) btw, followed your great blog

  14. thank you oh so much for the comments ladies! :)

  15. I love your outfit!!! :)

    Followed you! Follow back? :)

  16. So many wonderful pictures.
    I love your outfit.
    xx Diana


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