Wednesday, August 3, 2011

White Out

(white polo- Simone's Closet | white lace dress- Abbey's gift | boater hat & satchel- Trinkets Royale Manila | apricot heels- Manels)
Wore this last week when I accompanied my mom to a party and I became her personal photographer and chaperone. I think this coming Saturday she's going to drag me with her to Tagaytay to attend a wedding. She's already hired me to design her gown and now I'll become her make-up artist/stylist/hairdresser/photog among others. Haha! But I'm not complaining. I love hanging out with her. She's my ultimate bestfriend.

So...on to the outfit then!

My peg for this was vintage resort-wear from idk...the 50's perhaps? It wasn't raining then so I opted for an all white outfit. Just like wearing an all-black attire, the key to this is to layer garments with different textures and break the monotony of the look by injecting a jolt of color. Well in this case, I didn't go for bold and loud colors and opted for subtle pink/rose-colored accessories instead. For my new sunnies, it's literally looking at the world through rose-colored glasses lang. Haha! Oh and I finally got to wear my new shoes from Manels! I'm so glad that my search for the perfect tan/apricot/nude shoes is finally over. When I saw this pair on the shelf I immediately imagined myself pairing it with a safari-inspired outfit! But as you can see, I wore it with a very girly outfit. Very versatile...yeah?

Enjoy the rest of the week!



  1. Omg i accidentally deleted 25 comments on this post and the other posts. Sorry guys, please feel free to leave your comments though. :) Thaaank you for dropping by and for reading my posts! :)

  2. You look so chic in here! I love all the outfit shots :)

    Care to follow each others blog? :p


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