Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Behind the Camera

(tee-F&H | culottes-ShopCapricious | belt-Cams' | brogues-custom made| bag-En's)
This is my comfy “photographer outfit”. Haha! I conducted a shoot today for my photography portfolio which is a final project in my photography class. I know it’s just a simple tee and shorts combo but it was necessary for me to be in something that would allow me to move freely, especially ‘coz I tend to be all over the place (sitting, crouching, kneeling, lying on my tummy etc.) when I’m taking photos. You should see me taking photos, I tend to forget that I'm a lady what with my awkward positions (hey, my prof told us to be a "bird and a worm" when taking photos!) and pagiging malikot. Haha!
So anyway, I'm going to share a few shots that I took this afternoon. The shoot's theme was "living doll". They're supposed to look a bit eerie. I'm not going to elaborate much on the concept just yet as I will do a separate post for it. Hope you guys like it!

My models were: Barbie and Cams! :))

I'm so relieved that at least one of my many final projects has been ticked off of my to-do list! Hope I get a good mark though. And...before I end this post. I wanna thank my good friend Camille for agreeing to be my model and to En for letting me use her pseudo-studio! :)

PS. Finally got to wear this culottes that I bought ages ago from Bestie's online shop (Shopcapricious)! :)

PPS. Oh dear, I regret cutting 2 or 3 inches of my hair out of boredom one random day! I miss my longer locks. :|

'Til the next post!
Scarlet April xx

Friday, November 26, 2010

Gray and Brown Leopard

No matter how hoochie/crazy/bold animal prints (specifically leopard prints) may seem to some people, I will continue to wear and love the print still! Which leads us to this very "animal printed" outfit post! Haha!
(cardi-Babo | tank top-The Landmark | leggings-So FAB! | bag-gifted | shoes-Blacksheep | beanie-Khush)
Another one of my "cardigan looks". Just another fuss-free, simple and comfy school outfit yet again. If you'd ask my blockmates, they'd attest that I wear cardigans to school almost on a daily basis. They're my go-to pieces when I'm running late for school, which is always. Haha! I wore this (minus the beanie) last week actually. Just forgot to put it up on the blog on time. Whoops.
And, look at these new lovelies that I got from Ichigo! What did I tell you about me lovin' animal prints? Haha! Well, got nothin' more to say! I hope you're all having a nice weekend!

'Til the next post!
Scarlet April xx

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Comfy Basics

Outfit post for today! But before that, lemme share these pics that I grabbed from Ms. Ana's blog, Fashionista Commuter. So Thursday afternoon, me and my friends decided to check out the stalls that were along SJ walk before heading out to class and waiting for the bell to ring when lo and behold, Anagon collection was there too! I must admit I was a bit awe-stricken upon seeing Ms. Ana herself standing right in front of me. Fellow bloggers = celebrities to me, so yeah...Haha!
(photos grabbed from Fashionista Commuter)
(Yey! A photo of us together! Nice meeting you in person Ms. Ana! I can't believe she recognized me. :D)

And now, for a proper outfit post! As you may have noticed, I wore this dress tucked in jeans when I wore it out to school. And when I arrived home, mama and I went out to go to the mall and I wore it as a dress 'coz I was sick of the jeans already.
I would like this doodle on my wrist to be a real tattoo but my mom would not give me her consent to get inked. But someday I'll probably get one fo'sho. Hee.
(black cardi, Babo| white dress, random| belt, my friend Abbey's| oxfords, Maphisto)
Today I wore something very simple and comfy to school. Really, basics are indeed very helpful (and I love them for that) when one is having a nothing-to-wear-crisis/moment. Before I entered college, I remember reading an interview of Belle Daza in a local fashion magazine asking her for advice about college fashion. While it's fun to be adventurous about dressing up, it's always good to have basic pieces in your closet that will never go out of style and will help you maximize your wardrobe. She advised college-bound teens to stock up on basics and LOTS of 'em. I hadn't realized the importance of "the basics" until now that I'm in college myself. I find it hard to mix and match pieces that are too distinct therefore making it a struggle for me to find something decent to wear to school every morning while rummaging through my jungle of clothes.

Happy Thursday everyooone, yeah! (Well, for me anyway 'coz schoolweek ends on Thursdays for me.)

'Til the next post then!
Scarlet April xx

Then and Now

Sorry for my week long absence, I've been a bit busy in school and I haven't had the time to take outfit photos. For now though, I'm going to take a trip down "fashion" memory lane and show you photos of me when I was just a teeny creature and put them alongside latest photos of me because Denise of Simone's Fashion Closet awarded me with her Fashionista Friend Award. Thanks so much Denise! :)
Show me a fashionable photo of you when you were a kid, and a fashionable photo of you in present time, and tell me how you've changed over the years.

It's supposed to be just one "kid pic" of me and one latest photo but since I don't have any outfit posts yet, I decided to make a "long post" out of this award/challenge. :)

While leafing through my childhood photo albums, I couldn't help but be surprised at the photos that I saw because most of what I was wearing were really girly and frilly, what with the ruffled socks and tiered dresses that I wore back then, but what surprised me the most was the fact that I wore A LOT of red. I didn't even notice it then until I came upon these photos. Hey, I'm not called "Scarlet" April for nothing. Haha!

(wearing red gowns for a school pageant in nursery and for my debut)
("Galit ang nanay ko sa polbo kaya mukha akong espasol nung bata ako. Hahaha!")
I remember wearing this hat a lot and pairing it with my frilly dresses. Funny, I don't seem to own hats now that I'm all grown up. Haha!
...and here are some of my latest photos. I can't explain how my style has evolved over the years so I'm just going to let the pictures speak for themselves. Haha! One thing's for sure though, I owe my love for fashion from my mom. She's the one who dressed me up with those cute 'lil dresses and first got me interested in fashion when I was just a child, opened my eyes to the splendor of it and served as my first style icon and inspiration.
Wow, I can't believe I was that girly and very much into dresses when I was a child! However, as I grew older and got more and more insecure with my legs (I find them too thin), I stopped wearing cute little dresses and resorted to wearing jeans instead. All throughout high school I was a jeans person. If you must know, I'm more comfortable wearing jeans than skirts and that I just started wearing skirts and dresses again when I started this blog and got into college. So yeah, I'm really grateful for this blog of mine for helping me overcome some of my insecurities (i.e. my legs). So thank y'all so much for appreciating it. Your support means sooo much to me. :)

'Til the next post!
Scarlet April xx

Monday, November 15, 2010

Blue Denim & Gray Pinafore Dress + Blog Awards

Hello everyone! This was supposed to be blogged yesterday but our internet connection had gone haywire again. So glad it's ok now though. I honestly can't survive a day without browsing the net and visiting my fave blogs! I was just gone for a day (in the blogosphere) but it felt like a week for me and I'm already swamped with blog posts that I have yet to read! Haha!

Outfit post:
Wore this out on Saturday when En and I went to chill at Starbucks and finally got ourselves the sticker cards for their 2011 planner that afternoon after En went through my closet to borrow some clothes for their CFAD Week.
I tried to match her outfit by wearing something that was blue and gray as well. I wore my 11th of October denim button-down and gray F&H pinafore while En wore her blue and gray F21 romper. :)
On a different note, I was just awarded 2 blog awards by Efril of Love & a Bad Hair Day and Eunice of Legally Pinay! Thank you sooo much girls! Knowing that people actually read my blog means so much to me. At least I know now that somehow, my blog is appreciated. Haha!
But before I can claim the Versatile Blogger Award, I have to follow a few rules first!

1. Thank and link back to who gave you the award.
2. Share seven things about yourself.
3. Pass it along to seven blogs you've recently discovered and enjoy.
4. Leave your recipients a note, telling them about the award.
Seven things about me:

1. I love books so much, just as much as I love Fashion.
2. I don't own flip flops, even pambahay slippers. I don't like wearing 'em 'coz (I think) I have ugly feet and only those who have nice feet can wear 'em. Haha!
3. I love to draw.
4. The one thing I cannot leave the house without is my face powder.
5. I'm a sucker for detective stories! (books, anime, movies etc.)
6. My fave veggie is broccoli. Mmm...
7. I like wearing flats more than heels because I don't like towering over people. Heels make me feel so...so tall and conspicuous? Haha! (Like duh? I know.) :))

There. Now, I'm on to tagging 7 people! :)

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