Friday, October 29, 2010

It's So Studded I'm Gonna Dieee!!!

Heya guys! Sorry for the lack of blog updates, I just don't have any outfit posts to bring you this week plus I'm currently down with the flu. Sucks.

Anyhoo, It's been awhile since I last lusted after a pair of shoes. The last shoes I practically worshiped were MiuMiu's SS10 platform swallow-printed shoes! So when I saw these studded babies on Chiara's blog, The Blonde Salad, I knew I fell in love. Again. Haha! Oh how I wish I had 99 pounds with me right now. I don't even know how much that is in Peso. Haha!

They're just so studded I'm gonna dieee! Haha!This pair is not from Kandee though. Red soles and pure awesomeness, can you guess it's brand? Yep, they're Louboutins. Holy Canoly I'd kill for a pair of these. well not really, but you get the picture. Haha!

Photos courtesy of: The Blonde Salad and Kandee.

Much Love,
Scarlet April xx

Friday, October 22, 2010

Stripes on Floral

I already did a print on print (on print) outfit post last summer wherein I paired this floral skirt that I'm wearing on this post (worn as a top) with another floral skirt and then went flowers overload by wearing floral wedges to complete the look. Today's look (yes, this is not a late post) consists of mixed prints again. This time I paired stripes with floral prints (I know, I know I'm late on this trend but WTH I wanted to wear it still!).

And since today's outfit post is all about the stripes on floral look, I decided to include this 'lil drawing of mine 'coz it follows the theme of today's blog entry. So here it is! (Sorry if it's not too pretty, I just scanned this and it's actually not done yet. I haven't colored the body yet. Haha!)
As for the outfit post: I sort of had Rachel Berry in mind when I created this look because of the socks and short skirt combo. I wore my favorite cardi in the world that I bought from Babo, striped top from Trunkshow, floral skirt from The Landmark and black custom-made brogues when I met my two girlies Mel and Deb at Rn'B for our coffee date this afternoon. After that, we camwhore-d the day awaaay! On a side note, after looking at these photos, I realized that I really need to dye my hair again! My roots are showing! :))
Look! We are all wearing the brogues that I ordered from Aisa! Yes, the two other pairs were for them. :)
I dunno why we love conducting pseudo-photoshoots so much. Haha! I had fun bonding with Mel and Deb after sooo many months of not seeing each other. I'm a bit sad that the others weren't able to make it though. Oh well. At least it's their sembreak already so perhaps it wouldn't be too hard to organize another get-together next time(?)

Have a happy weekend everyone!:)

Much Love,
Scarlet April xx

Monday, October 18, 2010

Friday Shoot!

Hi guys! Before anything else, I wanna tell you that this post will be a bit picture-heavy. But whatever. My posts have always been picture-heavy. Haha! I dunno, I guess I just like documenting whatever it is that goes on in my life (like what we do in school and stuff like that) no matter how mundane life can get sometimes.

Okaaay, moving on...

Just wanna share to y'all the photos during the photoshoot that we had last last Friday. A friend of mine who's studying at the Ateneo asked me and my college friends to model for them for their Comm. Theory project (a magazine) and being a comm. student myself, I somehow empathized with them and agreed to help 'em. Besides, I was giddy for a photoshoot as well! Haha! She asked our friends who're studying at UST and UP to model for them too, each group representing their respective universities.

Now here's how it all went in photos (BTS shots first from my cam!):
Melissa arriving at Anna's condo with a suitcase full of clothes for the shoot! We were teasing her that morning (speaking ironically here) that she wasn't exactly "prepared" for the shoot. (in Filipino: "Hindi ka naman masyadong ready nyan Meli. Haha!)
Before this photoshoot, Anna had been complaining to me that she looked exactly the same in all of her cameos here on my blog meaning, she was wearing the exact same clothes in my photos! Haha! Because of that, I styled her for her 3rd cameo on the blog hence this cute casual outfit! She was hesitant to wear the fedora and was doubting if the skirt went well with her top at first but as you can see, I managed to get her to wear them! HAHA!
Let the shoot-ing begin! (That didn't sound right. Haha!)
And here are the photos from our photogs! :)
Here we are donning our "yabang" shirts (as Raiza called it) and spelling out D-L-S-U with our arms. FAIL.
One more time. Woohoo! ANIMO La Salle Beybeh! Haha! :D
My my, that was such a fun-filled day and I'm looking forward to more photoshoots with them! I'm really glad to have helped Raiza and her team. She and Angela (our photogs) were so easy to get along with! And of course, I can't end this post without thanking my friends Anna, Abbey and Meli for agreeing to model with me and for always being up for anything! Thanks to Meli for making the effort to bring a suitcase full of clothes and to Abbey and Anna for always accommodating me into your home in Taft. I love you guys! :")

Much Love,
Scarlet April xx

Friday, October 15, 2010

Eye Candies

Pretty things and fashionable people are some of the things that inspire me to be creative when it comes to dressing up. Four days of my week, I spend it in school, and those four days in school I get to see a lot of pretty things and fashionable people (as we don't wear uniforms to school).
Having no uniform makes for a stylish and inspiring (school) environment. Students get to express themselves through the clothes that they wear and it saves them from looking too stressed out with uni life! Last Wednesday, I snapped some photos of two of my college friends in school 'coz I found them (and what they were wearing) very cute and inspiring!
Here's Dianne and her thrifted blouse and purse! When I bumped into her that day and saw what she was wearing, I got so giddy taking pictures of her and admiring her cute school outfit!:)
And here's Abbey with a comfy and casual school outfit! You'll be seeing more of her and her style next week when I post a new (and maybe one time only) segment on the blog where I feature the style of a friend. Watch out for that! :)

With a stylish environment such as this, who wouldn't be inspired to look good and dress-up? I may not be too fond of going to school (haha!) but I like what I see when I'm there. Oh how I adore them! Haha!

'Til the next post! :)
Scarlet April xx

Monday, October 11, 2010

A White Party

Long overdue post! This should've been posted one month ago (uso late?)! Haha! But oh well. These photos were taken on Abbey's debut (September 11, 2010) held at (somewhere in...) Laguna. But before I recount to you guys how it all went, here's an outfit post first! :)
I wore: Parisian Jr. shoes, Landmark dress, The Ramp tights
Thanks to En for letting me borrow her gorge shoes! :)
I was very much inspired by Blair Waldorf's "Brunch" outfit in Gossip Girl season 1 when I created this look. I bought the tights first (I built the whole look around it) then I went on to look for a plain white dress since these tights were patterned already. I wanted to wear a white headband and curl my hair that day but I was already running late so I just ditched it. Haha!
The debutante in a beautiful textured red gown...
Goofing around with my college BFFs Anna and Bryan. Aww, oh how I missed these two! :)
Posing and feeling like a model. Haha! I felt like Blair Waldorf in her tights that night!

Now flashback to my debut, when everyone was super hyper and a little bit drunk, Abbey (during the photo ops) hid inside my ballgown. Haha! (Lakas trip eh noh?)
Payback time! Hehe.
After the celebration, me and my college friends decided to spend the night at the guesthouse because it was already very late at the time for us to go home.
That was the last part of my "Term Break Chronicles". After her debut, it was back to school for me again. Oh what fun. Ech. Had sooo much fun that night/day in Laguna with my college friends! I wish moments like those lasted forever.

Much Love,
Scarlet April xx
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