Saturday, August 25, 2012

Printed Bottom

An outfit thrown on last minute. Mix and match of what I have in my very limited "dorm-wardrobe". Lately, I've been finding it hard to pick which clothes to bring to my dorm and which to leave untouched at my home in QC. Every sunday afternoon before I leave for the dorm, I grab almost every piece of clothing in my closet because I can't/don't plan my outfits for school ahead of time. So I figured, just get as much clothes as possible and wish that they'd all pair up well together. Come Saturday, when I arrive home in QC, I pick out clothes for a random day or night out with friends and I stare blankly at my almost empty closet. Sometimes, when I'm having a senior moment, I'd anxiously run around the house looking for this and that, then I'd remember that it's at the dorm. Sometimes I wish I could just buy an entire wardrobe of clothes for my home in Taft. That'd be pretty convenient albeit a lil extravagant. Hehe. 

tribal skirt and studded cuff- Bubbles
denim button down- F-Stop
sandals- Trunkshow
bag- Lollipop
metal neckpiece- Superb Bazaar
bead bracelets- Love Eyecandy

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Code Red

Having worn this outfit reminded me of a phase in fashion that I had back then in 2009-2010 wherein I was very much into monochromatic and B&W looks. I'd don an all-black ensemble and inject a jolt of color, which in my case was always red. My 3rd year prom gown which I posted here during my earlier days of blogging was black and white houndstooth, an unlikely choice if I may say so myself, and complemented it with red lips and hair accessory. I guess this "formula" has always been a part of my "style equation". 

Something about this outfit screams preppy-lass-in-the-streets-of-london to me. Think...Alexa Chung. Must be the argyle-like tights, the vintage satchel, beige culottes, and these red floral oxfords. My fave element in this look would have to be my red shoes though. First, I got it real cheap for 197.50 php at Manels during their Anniversary sale where everything is 50% off (btw, the sale is still ongoing and will end on Tuesday so you better make a visit now!). Second, it has replaced my long gone fave red pair (and I can't quite believe that it took me this long to find a new one when clearly, red is my fave color). Third, they're a much modern-looking oxfords that come in a non-traditional color like black, brown, or cream. And lastly, the shiny finish reminds me of Dorothy of Oz's iconic red shoes. Sulit kung sulit! Haha!

lace top- SM
shorts- Shop Capricious 
tights- HK
vintage satchel- Manels
shoes- Manels
necklace- Shop Dressupdoll

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Blue Leopard

Following the introduction of Hungry Boy and Parched Girl, comes one of the many food dates that we've had since we became partners in crime. We came across Cova Tapas Y Sangria during one of those sweet languorous nights driving around in Makati looking for a new place to try out. We had wine and croquetas variadas consisting of Hungry Boy's faves namely: jamon iberico, truffle mushroom, and crab salad---though it was a bit of a let down for him because he couldn't taste the truffles even after a few bites already. (Naubos na man lang di pa din naliligayahan si Kuyey!) Also found out that the place offered buy-one-take-one Sangrias on Mondays and Tuesdays! An information which enthused Parched Girl most definitely! *laughs*

As for my outfit, Mark told me that I looked very cosmopolitan in it that night. Whatever the hell that means. Haha! All I know is I wanted to play with just two colors: blue and nude. Tried echoing the print on my shirt by wearing booties and accessories in the same print to tie in the whole look together. That's about it!

'Til the next HB & PG post! 

top- Forever 21
shorts- random brand
boots- Rubi for Cotton On
metal necklace- Superb Bazaar
bangles- from HK, PFW, SM

Friday, August 3, 2012

Covered Exposed

"So where do you work?" That's prolly the most flattering question that I've been asked by a friend of Mark on the night that I got to meet his posse. Why flattering you ask? Because for someone who felt...well, for lack of a better term, out of place or a stand-out in a crowd of late-twenty-something professionals, I felt that it was a compliment that maybe I looked more mature for my age to them and I couldn't be happier that my outfit that night helped me achieve that. 

When you see floral prints and patterns, you can't help but go the girly/sweet/preppy route. Well, that's what I'd usually go for anyway. But this time I refrained from doing what is expected from me so I styled it in such a way that will exude a quiet maturity and sexiness. This look is an example of balancing out different elements in your outfit. The opposing elements are the flowery blouse contrasted by the studded shoes, dressy top with casual faded denim shorts, and being covered up top but baring my legs. Finished the look off by wearing my studded pumps from Oasap which helped create the illusion of longer legs. 

top- Forever 21
shorts- The Second Shop
bag- Lulu
shoes- c/o
metal choker- H&M
bead bracelets- Love Eyecandy
stud cuff- c/o Bubbles
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