Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Perouvian Wasteland (c/o Status Magazine)

Last Saturday a bunch of bloggers were invited by Status Magazine to a photo exhibit of photographer to the stars Perou held at the Ayala Museum then an after party at Robot Lounge and Resto. One word to sum up the experience: Amaaazeballs! Being a photo enthusiast myself, I truly and honestly enjoyed being in that museum and looking at his clean and sleek works. It inspired me to work on my photography skillzzz as well as think outside the box. One thing you'd notice about his photos is that they all have a sense of peculiarity (but that's a good thing and it works for him) and because I have this weird affinity for creepy, eerie and odd artworks (think Gothic, Dresden dolls, Coraline, Tim Burton-esque kind of weird and mind boggling films---the kind that makes you go what the f*ck??? etc.) the exhibit was truly a delightful visual feast for me. 

scalloped blazer- vintage from my mom
knit gold crop top- F-Stop
red clogs- Manels
satchel- Coconut Gold 
wristwatch- Swatch
accessories- gifted

thanks for the invite, Bloggers United, Melai and Status!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Bits and Bobs

I missed random posts like this. I hope you don't mind that I take a break from all the outfit posts for a while. Just wanted to let you guys have a peek at what I've been doing when I'm not blogging. So far, the past weeks consisted of me finishing the last two books in The Hunger Games Trilogy (and I couldn't be more thankful to my big bro who bought me Catching Fire and Mockingjay 'coz everywhere I looked it seemed that these two were pretty hard to get) and changing my eating habits. And no, I'm not saying that I've become a health freak I'm just trying to gain more weight. And since we're on the subject of food, can I just say that I'm really proud of my very own Eggy In The Basket...hence the photos. Haha! I'm also reading a lot of mangas lately (read: Detective Conan and Detective School Q). So yeah, I guess I live a pretty boring life haha but if you know me full well, you'd know that doing these things bring me so much joy and peace. Ahhh the life of a proud homebody. Haha!

/end of rambling


Thursday, January 19, 2012

Tonight We Are Young

We are young
So let's set the world on fire
We can burn brighter
Than the sun

I mentioned on my previous post that last Saturday I had at least two outfit changes because in the morning we had a family event and in the afternoon I had to meet up with my grade school friends at Taguig. It was literally a looong day for me. Anyway, here's outfit number two! A very sparkly and loud look for a night out with ze friends! My guy friends wouldn't stop teasing me about this look btw. Kin-Yen, would squint his eyes and pretend to be blinded by the brightness of my sequined top! Boys. *shakes head* Haha!

Ever since our dear friend Pam left the Philippines for Australia, she visits the country at least once a year to bond with us here. Two years ago, she hosted one of the most memorable sleepovers we have ever had at the Holiday Inn which you can read here. Hihi. This year though, no more sleepovers for us because we literally stayed up all night! We stuffed ourselves with yummeh food at Mercato then partied the night away at Amber then Jill's at The Fort Strip. Her stay this time was shorter but it was still fun 'coz Rachelle, another Balikbayan friend of ours, was with us! Somehow, Pam brought out Rachelle's suppressed British accent because she finally had someone to talk to in straight English! Ang asar namin sa kanila: "Oh nag-uusap na naman yung dalawang foreigners" hahaha!

So if by the time the bar closes
And you feel like falling down
I'll carry you home tonight

sequined blouse- WAGW
leopard shorts- 999
shoes- Rajo! for Parisian
envelope clutch- Singapore

PS. Title of this post is a song by Fun. Sorry LSS. But it's perfect for this entry, really. :)
PPS. I have two hairstyles for this post. Have you noticed? :))

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Take a "Bow"

Peter pan doily collar, whimsical bow prints on a vintage style dress, dainty bow belt cinched at the waist, neat french plait at the roots of the hair ending in cute ombre-hued curls...but finishing the look off by wearing modern and architectural-looking heel-less platforms and veering away from more girly shoes like preppy brogues or ballet flats. This was one of my outfits (yes, coz I changed in the afternoon but that's for my next post) yesterday when we paid a visit to our relatives then went to the movies to watch Sherlock Holmes! And I must say, Guy Ritchie  really did a fantastic job directing yet again! To those who don't know, he's Madonna's ex-husband haha! Even before the first movie came out, a lot of people were skeptical about his directing skills but ho ho he proved them all wrong 'coz IMHO it turned out great! I'm very pleased with his treatment of the movie(s): he refrained from modernizing it too much, he portrayed Dr. Watson as the very capable and reliable ally that he truly was to Holmes and did not present him as just a meager side-kick who used to slip on banana skins for comic relief ('coz really, they did not know where to place Watson in the old adaptations), and I liked that the movies stayed true to the book. I loved the overall atmosphere of the film, the costumes and set design, the humor of the two main actors, the cinematography, and the bond that Holmes and Watson shared. Heavy bromance yo! Haha! I cannot wait to get it on DVD!!! 

dress- mom's
shoes- Rajo! for Parisian
satchel- Parisian 
belt- Landmark
accessories- random

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Swallows and Nordic Prints

I'm starting the new year with a print on print outfit post! This time I went for an unexpected print combination. Swallows and nordic prints! I was supposed to wear this poncho on Christmas but the whole fam stayed in to celebrate instead so I only got to wear it now. But I'm glad for the delay because I didn't have these swallow flats then. Anyway, I wore this yesterday on a random family day out. I wasn't really expecting to purchase 3 pairs of shoes in one go but damn Parisian Jr. for having the chic-est and most affordable shoes ever! Haha! 

PS. Don't you just love the last photo of me and my little sister/personal photographer/bully, Natasha? This pretty much sums up our relationship---and you can tell by looking at our facial expressions---mine: full of affection and hers: full of annoyance. Haha! Natasha is in this phase where she's grossed out by sisterly love. Hahaha! 

nordic poncho used as top- 999
leather bodycon skirt- WAGW
swallow flats- Parisian Jr.
bag- peacock and stripes
rings and bracelets- random
wristwatch- DKNY
spikes necklace- The Ramp
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