Monday, August 30, 2010

The Fairest of Them All

Had such a fun time on Saturday when me and my grade school BFF En aka nicolethedressupdoll went to UST to act as the personal photographers and to cheer on our dear friend Camille for her college's pageant. She made us all so proud by winning the title of Ms. Pre-Com 2010 and most importantly by showing us what a beautiful person she has become both inside and out.

Here's me and En wearing almost similar outfits because we wanted to be "Camille's Support Team" and personal paparazzi. Haha!

Camille is my childhood BFF and also my neighbor so I have really witnessed her grow into one fine lady. :)

Another proud moment: I lent her one of my debut gowns and she wore it SO WELL. She was the epitome of grace and elegance in my gown and the sight of her in it made me one proud friend/designer/stylist. Haha! When I saw her glide down the stage what ran through my mind was: "so this is how it feels like to see your design walk down the runway (well in my case the stage) and how Rachel Zoe feels like when she sees her clients in an outfit that she helped pick." HAHA!

The previous Ms. Pre-Com Queen. Her gown reminds me of princesses, fairytales and Belle of Beauty and the Beast. :)

Poised and elegant while waiting for the verdict. For the Q&A part, she was asked: "If you were to play God for a day, what's the first thing that you'd do to make the world a better place?" She calmly replied: "If I were God for a day, I'd give people more initiative because once people have more initiative, all else will follow." (It was more or less that. Haha!)

Again, congrats dear on winning! (Beauty and Brains, san ka pa?) Haha!
After the pageant, me and En decided to munch after a day spent snapping pictures and yelling our lungs out. Haha!

This is just part one of my term break chronicles. I've been going out almost on a daily basis and while it's fun to hang out with the friends, it's also leaving me broke. Haha!

Much Love,
ScarletApril xx

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Friday and Sunday Shots

Hello everyone! Hope you like my new header. I drew it myself and then edited it. Funny thing about it is that I used A LOT of colors for that drawing but then I decided to turn it into black and white 'coz you won't get to see the title of my blog against all the colors in the background. Sheesh. Wasted effort. Haha!

I'm just taking a break from doing my papers as you know that it is my finals week this coming week. Tonight I'm just going to post pictures of what has happened to me lately. These are photos that were taken today and on Friday.


After our INTBROD a.k.a Introduction to Broadcasting class, my HUMAART (art appreciation class) blockmates and I went to Dianne's place in Makati to shoot a music video for our project.

I chose to wear something simple and comfortable that day 'coz I knew there were a lot of things that I had to do that day. I was wearing a black cardi from Babo, black tank from Landmark, leopard leggings from So! FAB, cute studded necklace from Pop Culture and the yellow purse was actually my friend's (thanks Meli!). I just thought it went well with my all-black ensemble so I decided to use it for this shoot. I am so loving yellow purses lately. They add such a nice punch of color and contrast to an outfit. :)

We had to climb up and down these stairs that day. Why so cruel, Dianne's house??? Whyyy?! Haha! :D

Our music video wasn't really scary or anything. The ketchup (we wanted to use pig's blood but according to Dianne's housekeeper, it was not available anymore during the afternoon so we just settled with using ketchup combined with soy sauce as an alternative. Hee) on Dianne's body urged us to take these "scary" shots.


For my INTFILM (Intro to Film) class, I had to interview local actress Glaiza De Castro for my final paper. She was really nice and she answered my questions really well. She was actually very insightful and humble. Love that about her. :)

Just a few more days 'til this hellish week ends. Fingers crossed that I finish my papers on time! Goodnight everyone and oh hello to my new followers! Thank you so much for appreciating my blog and thanks for the lovely comments too! :)

(photo credits: Melissa Arganda and Russel Tiamzon)

'Til the next post!
ScarletApril xx

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Memory, All Alone in the Moonlight...Lalala...

*Not really an outfit post...Hee. :)

Awkward photo of me pouring out some coke in my glass. Haha!

Mama and I went out on a date last Saturday. We watched the musical Cats at the CCP and boy was it awesome! Hearing Lea Salonga sing live was one of the highlights of my Saturday. Her rendition of the song Memory was truly beautiful that words aren't enough to convey how beautifully she sang it. I wish I could watch her in Les Miserables and Miss Saigon though. :)

The costumes, set design, the performances of the actors and the whole show reminded me of the days when I was so into theater and very much involved in my schools' drama clubs in HS and GS, in fact one of my earliest dream jobs as a child was to be a theater actress! Haha. Back in my elementary days, during English class we'd stage plays and in these plays I'd write my own scripts/stories and even direct and star in it. Yes, I was very much an all-around person then, but now that I'm in college, you could say that I'm more of a wallflower now. It's sad to think about this especially because I miss the me who was confident and the me who'd most likely take on the role of a leader instead of the follower. I guess, as I grow older, I just get more and more reserved. That my dears, is not good. Haha!

It was such an interesting night too 'coz the driver of the cab that we got into on our way home pleasantly surprised us by striking up some intellectual conversations with us. During the whole ride he talked of trajectories of bullets (and I was like: Ugh, physics?), theater, academic stuff and things that normal cab drivers (don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that cab drivers aren't allowed to talk of such things but c'mon, actually talk and debate about academic stuff too?) won't usually discuss with their passengers! Haha! Interesting Saturday night indeed.

Much Love,
ScarletApril xx

Monday, August 16, 2010

Nightie with the Girlies

Long overdue post! :) Wore this out on a date with mi girlies last last Friday I think. I was actually going for a deconstructed, sort of post-apocalyptic look with this shirt and so I paired it with acid washed skinnies and blinged out with my silver accessories. It was then that I realized that my direction (in styling it) was starting to veer away from that look due to the silver accessories ( I thought it was more on the rocker chick side). So I abandoned my first peg and just went for the rocker chick look and when it was time for me to grab the perfect bag and saw this yellow bag while rummaging through my mom’s closet, I knew I had to incorporate it into the whole look and make this colorful contrast with the blues in my outfit. I was actually going for that messy look, but in the end my personality pushed me in this direction and I came up with a look that’s somewhat messy in a rocker way but still very girly and neat what with the fishtail plaits, the pink lips, and bright yellow bag. But what the hell? This outfit was so me. :)

Trying out the pink lipstick. :*

Wearing: Shirt from Mental, sequined shoes from So! F.A.B., acid wash jeans from Oxygen, bag from my mom's closet, necklace from The Ramp. :)

These photos were taken when me and my HS girlfriends went out on a Friday night to watch Inception. However, because Debbie had to be in by 9:30pm at her dorm (too early right?), and we all met at around 7pm at the mall, we weren't able to catch the film showing of the movie which won't conflict with her sched. So instead, we just ate dinner together and spent the night catching up on things.

Ah, I miss these girlies. We rarely see each other anymore 'coz of the conflicting schedules that we all have due to uni life. I miss those times back in high school, when we were always together every night at the McDonald's near our school. We'd chat for long hours and never seem to run out of stories and gossips to tell (even though we see each other and eat at Mcdo after school hours EVERY DAY to the extent that sometimes we tire of eating Mcdo food already haha!) and laugh so hard until the guards approach us to remind us to keep it down and then stay there until 10pm (classes end at 4:20pm)! Good times. Ah, happy and yet painful-to-think-about-memories.

Much Love,
ScarletApril xx
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