Saturday, June 26, 2010

Sweet Child of Mine

Ah, the lace dress again. This is probably my current fave piece of clothing in my wardrobe. I can style it in so many ways, so naturally this won't be the last that you'll see of it. So anyway, I joined the TeenVogue Wardrobe Remix contest in Chictopia since I figured I have a lot of outfit ideas for this piece of clothing. No harm in trying, right? :)

Went for something girly-girl and sweet this time since the last two looks seem to lean heavily on having that rocker chic vibe. Tucked the lace dress in my lil sis' turquoise Just G tutu skirt 'coz I thought it looked good paired with the purple Victorian-inspired, paisley printed with white ruffle trimmings blazer which was originally my mom's. I chose to wear a pair of white oxford shoes instead of my usual ballet flats 'coz I wanted the outfit to have that preppy vibe to it. Completed the look with some vintage gold accessories which echoed the gold paisley prints on the blazer. Decided to go in this direction for this look since I've been creating looks with this dress in a very rocker chick style. You know how much I love rocker looks. But since nothing screams girly than a lace dress, I figured I should at least try to bring out its girlishness so that it could serve its purpose of bringing out femininity in an outfit, not that my looks aren't feminine enough. :))

Hope you'll like this my dears!

Much Love,
ScarletApril xx

Friday, June 25, 2010

Dark Times

I don't think I'll be able to post often after an outfit post that will be up on the blog tomorrow. I will be a bit busy due to schoolwork. I'm feeling a bit stressed out and queasy because of this project that I'm about to do for school. See, I have yet to find a film director/scriptwriter/actor/actress that I can interview for my project and the deadline is nearing. Gah. If any of you guys happen to be acquainted with one, do tell me. I would really appreciate it. :)

So for now, here's a photo which shows what I'm feeling at the moment. A bit glum, worried, sullen, pissed and uneasy. I still comb my hair though. Haha! Ugh, I can't believe I can still joke around at a time like this. Tsk.


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What Could've Been

Now ain’t this outfit totally different from my last outfit post?

I was supposed to wear this to school yesterday but then I remembered I couldn't wear something like this 'coz of the dresscode policy that we have in the uni. Boo! So I changed my skirt into pants and decided to change my blouse later on ’coz it was damn warm. The items that I actually used were the shoes and the bag only.

The Shoes: New shoes! Again. I just can't get enough! Bought these lovelies when Mama and I watched SATC2 last last last Friday. They are what I call my “Happy and Feel Good Shoes”. Haha! Whenever I look down and catch a glimpse of them I get a warm feeling inside of me! Yesterday morning we had a depressing quiz on Mass Communication and while I was glumly answering the quiz, I just looked down at my shoes and I felt positive once again! Haha! They're like a disco ball adorning my footsies!

The Fuchsia Pink Lipstick: I’ve been wearing red and pink lipsticks (alternately) almost everyday! A coat of any of these two colors on my smackers instantly brightens up my pale face.

The High Ponytail: I missed doing this to my hair! Ever since the start of college, I haven’t been putting my hair up (until this post, of course) and I missed it!

The Striped Button-down Shirt: I got this at the “reserved gifts for Christmas” pile in my mom’s closet. This shirt was way too baggy on me at first but with the help of my so-so sewing skills (say that out loud and it'll crack you up...or not), I managed to make it fit me just fine.

Oh and that's our cute little babybrother dog Tyler, making a cameo in this post. He's the baby brother that I never had. Definitely completes the family. :)

Much Love,

ScarletApril xx

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Food Date

Gah! It's hard to save up and be frugal when I keep on going out for food dates with my friends since I get off really early at school (most of my classes end before lunch time)! And trust me, I am not stingy when it comes to food so my shopping money suffers the consequences! Haha!

No, I don't eat lipsticks for lunch. Haha!

Went out to eat with two of my high school friends one rainy afternoon. We exchanged stories about our lives in college while we waited for the rain to subside. Rain and comfort food? Just awesome. I love days like these. :)

Much love,
ScarletApril xx

Friday, June 18, 2010

Rock that Lace

Two posts in one day? Now this is more like it! This is what happens when I go to school and can't update regularly. Haha!

Anyway, on to the outfit then...

Ah, I really do love rocker chic outfits and a monochromatic palette. I lived in colorful clothing the whole summer so it's refreshing, yes refreshing, to be back to my grays and blacks. I just find monochromatic outfits to be so effortlessly stylish. It's like in my grays and black, I feel like I can never go wrong with it. Then again, I like to break off the monotony by wearing a few colorful pieces every once in a while or injecting a jolt of color in an outfit just like this one. Though I'm more inclined to like rock chic/badass outfits, that doesn't mean I don't like other styles. I guess, that's the fun thing about Fashion. I can be what I want to be in my outfits. For me, it's like role-playing. I can be a girly-girl in frilly skirts and dresses, a rocker chick in leather vests and ripped pants, a hippie in long skirts and bell-bottoms, and sometimes a geek in preppy clothes and peter pan collars! And those are a few reasons why I love Fashion so much. It's expression. It gives me the motivation to wake up and go to school. It makes me look forward to another uneventful day. It boosts my confidence. It spruces up my life just as much as it spruces up a blah outfit. *tears* Haha!

Sorry 'bout that. I just felt like Carrie Bradshaw typing away on her laptop. :D

Outfit details:

1.) The Jacket - The jacket was actually my friend's. I borrowed it from her and it wasn't originally ripped. I just DIY'd it because the back got torn when it was laundered. And since I didn't want to return it to her in its torn and damaged state, I asked her permission if I could DIY/rip the back of it. Haha! Tell me, did I save the life of this jacket? Oh I know I did. Haha!

2.) The Studded Cuff - I just bought that cuff for only 200 pesos! I know there are many cuffs out there which cost half its price but then I was in dire need of it already!

3.) The Lace Dress -The lace dress was a gift by my good friend Abbie on my debut. I am forever grateful to her for it. I've already worn this dress in this post actually but I used it as a top. I still have like, ten more outfit ideas for this lovely dress.

4.) The Red Lipstick -The red lipstick is love. Enough said. :)

5.) The Bag - I just use this bag waaay too much. But what am I to do? It's just SO me. :)

Alright, I'mma sleep now you guys. I still have a lot of overdue posts so expect me to blog more often. Hee.

Goodnight my dears!

'Til the next post!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Bohemian Babe

I am so addicted to (color) brown, bohemian outfits, cat eyes/winged eyeliner and fishtail plaits lately. My mom and I went shopping the other day and I couldn't help but be drawn to bohemian tops that I spotted at 3 different shops! This was somehow unusual for me since I wasn't one to sport this kind of style but then I was re-reading my blog when I saw this and this and that was when it came to me that I have been donning bohemian clothes for quite some time now. Haha!

So here is another bohemian outfit from me y'all! I'm embracing the bohemian in me. :)

Aren't fishtail plaits the cutest? Wish I could always do it to my hair but heck, I'm always running late for school so an ordinary side braid will do. :D

Woah! Plenty of pictures, I know. Happy Friday guys!

'Til the next post!
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