Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Wow, this post is blogged right on time. Well, better to share it now that I'm actually in the mood to talk about my date with my high school girlfriends yesterday than wait 'til the weekend when my excitement for it has died down, right? Right.

On to the post then!

Yesterday, my CONCEPT class had a freecut ("research break", reasoned our prof) which allowed me to go home at 9:30 am (quite early eh?). Because of this early dismissal, I called for my cousin Mariel to come visit me in school and had lunch with her. After that, I met with Deb and Mel at Tomas Morato for our "Cravings date" (which was postponed waaay too many times already).
Had lunch with mi cousin at Half-time (boo, 'coz Flaming Wings was already packed with people)! Doesn't matter, I liked their chicken tempura. I swear when we first laid eyes on it, we were hesitant to try it. It's breading was white as snow (not even the flesh-colored tempura that we are all used to)! Haha! And just a 'lil fun something to share with you guys, that Iced tea right there (also from Half-time) is the main reason why I keep on coming back to that place. I'm not really a fan of juice but since it tastes like Sago Gulaman, it's got to be my fave Iced tea now! And yeah, I'm a sucker for sago gulaman. Haha! Okay sorry for rambling. After having lunch, we had unlicake (yes, you read that right!) or unlimited cake and coffee at Cravings with Mel and Deb! And then we just cam-whored the day away at the streets of Tomas which is very evident in the rest of the photos. Haha! It was a fun day and though I came home exhausted from everything that had transpired that day, I couldn't care less 'coz times like these make me feel extremely lucky for having these girls as my friends. :)



  1. You have equally-fashionable friends! :)

  2. @Maria Kristela- Thank youuu! :)

  3. It looks like you had a super nice time with your friends! It's always nice hanging out with your girls, always fun. And all of you are dressed in cute clothes! Talk about a fashionista clique. :)
    Mars of fashion insouciance
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  4. Thank you Mars! And i couldn't agree more with what you said. It's ALWAYS fun hanging out with your closest girlfriend/s. Thanks again! Will check out your giveaway!:)


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