Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Jealous Guy

And then it started to rain... I grabbed my umbrella-ella-ella-eh-eh-eh.
(leather vest- Sosi Stuff | lace dress- gifted | jeans- Oxygen | feather earring- Top Avenue | bead bracelets- oh god i forgot...oh yeah it's Love Eyecandy | studded cuff- Tomato | tansan ring- Sachico | booties- Parisian Jr.)
This was my outfit last July 30 when Ma and I went to watch a fashion show at SM then had dinner at PCH with my high school chums right after. (I was crossing a footbridge at Convergys when I came across a group of call center agents and one of 'em remarked upon seeing me: "Ay bongga si Ate!". Felt shy after that. Haha! Anyway, it was a rainy week and was chilly enough that I finally got to wear this leather jacket that I bought a year ago. Been a while since I donned rocker chick clothes so it was definitely a refreshing change for me. I was feeling the rocker vibe as I was really into the style of Liz Gillies of Victorious (yes, the Nickelodeon teen show haha) that very same week. Look who's got a girl crush. Haha! But yeah, I love her. She's a very talented lassie and she deserves to be recognized together with her Victorious co-star Ariana Grande who also participated with her in the Broadway musical 13.

And here's Liz' cover of John Lennon's song "Jealous Guy"...hence the title. :) Yeah...I guess I'm an oldie when it comes to songs. I'm not really always "up to date" when it comes to that and my friend Anna can attest to that when she once borrowed my iPod and was pleasantly surprised to see my playlist. "Andaming lumang kanta", she said. Hahaha!

PS. So many photos, I know. But I just couldn't decide which to include here so I just dumped it all on here. Hee.



  1. your shoes are great and your ring is so cute:)La Folie 

  2. BONGGA ka talaga jonessa! I love this outfit! Your style is wearable and stylish! :)

  3. I love your pants dear!

  4. Thank you Yna and Denise!!! :)

  5. i love your outfit.. very stylish! :) bonggaa! :))

  6. Cool vest and earrings! I just started following you! :P
    The Niknok Style

  7. I love the vest, the earring, the ring...I LOVE EVERYTHING! I started following you!

    Please visit my blog and tell me what you think about it. It means a lot to me:

  8. THANK YOU ANNE, DOMINIC AND HELENA. Thank you for following! Will follow you back too. :)

  9. I guess you will want to get a facebook button to your blog. I just marked down this url, although I had to complete it by hand. Simply my $.02 :)

    My site:
    rachat credits

  10. Ganda ng photos sa ulanan! Salamat sa pag-follow! :) Ang ganda mo, teh! :)

  11. @anon- Hi! I do have a facebook button that redirects from this blog. You can find it on my sidebar. Simply click the photo with the word "facebook" on it and it will redirect you straight to my account. Thank you though. :)

    @nariese- Haha! Thank you i love your comment! HAHA! :)

  12. Wow! :) I surprisingly found myself reading your blog like its going to be a habit-- not to break! :) You're a great blogger if I may add, and you're gorge too! Keep posting! :)

    XO, Brie


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