Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Emerald City

Dressing in theme for much awaited movies and stage plays is so fun and exciting for me. This is one of the few times I get to expose my geekery for something and use fashion to show it. Last time I did was for Harry Potter, I think. The event for this one was Wicked the musical staged at the CCP in Manila which offered me this great backdrop for this outfit. It's quite ironic though to have shot this look near the water since the Wicked Witch of the West, Elphaba fears the water as it's the cause of her doom. But that bit of weird coincidence was a fun inside joke in my head. 

It was very nice to see that the theater was packed this time (as I have been a frequent visitor of the theaters lately trust me) and that a lot of people also dressed in theme for it. What was real funny for me though was noticing a bunch of guys wearing pea green shirts who were smiling and looking amused at my green skirt as I lined up for the entrance. I guess they found a fellow geek in me. My outfit was actually inspired by Elphie's look when they went to Emerald City. My bowler hat served as the Witch's black pointy hat, spherical sunglasses that every Ozians wore at the city, black crop top to signify her black frock and of course my skirt that matched her green-colored skin! My boyfriend even joked how I could've won best costume of the day if there was indeed one. Haha. #commitment

crop top, shoes- Forever 21
bowler hat- H&M
skirt- vintage from the 90's (mom's)
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