Sunday, December 29, 2013

Golden Tiger

I just had to post at least one look donning a sweater for the holidays. It might not be as noticeably chilly now than the past couple of years but there's something about a snug wool-y pullover that just completes the yuletide season. They didn't call it sweater weather for no reason, right? 

sweater and sequined skirt- Landmark
necklaces- Forever 21
shoes- Scarlet for Zalora

Thursday, December 26, 2013


Before the year ends let me post a look that in my opinion is perfect for all the festivities happening around us now. Quite frankly I didn't have Christmas in mind when I put together this look. My inspirations though were nothing short of fun and color that's for sure. Upon picking up this skirt, an onslaught of vivid images of anything Latin America coursed through my mind. Cuban lady dancers wearing ruffle-y rich-colored skirts and headwraps. Chunky gold jewelries that clinked and clanked. Fruit baskets and headdresses. The feathered costumes found at the Carnaval in Rio. Of course, the resulting outfit wasn't a literal and direct translation. I subdued all the excitement by pairing the skirt with black and finished it off with gold accents. As you might have observed I am quite cerebral when it comes to dressing up. Nothing quite compares to the thrill of interpreting inspiration through fashion for me. It's like having an inside joke for myself. :)

crop top- Forever 21
necklace- Forever 21
shoes- Scarlet for Zalora
skirt- Landmark
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