Friday, October 19, 2012

Chase The Sun

I literally had to chase the sun to be able to get good lighting for these photos. Well, not literally but you get the picture! The sun was about to set in a few hours so I dragged my good friend Bea to immediately take these shots. My friends were laughing at me because I was looking up at the sky with a very concerned look on my face and was telling them, "yung araw, yung araw!". I cannot emphasize enough how important good lighting is. Haha! So anyway, here's another print-on-print outfit for ya! I wore these shorts here and used it for a more subtle type of print-on-print look. This time, I went real colorful with it and paired it with florals (and polka dots still)! It made sense for me to pair it with this blouse because of the same fuchsia pink accents. So what do you think? 

Thank you to Bea for taking these photos for me!

top- F21
shorts- F21
necklace- F-Stop
bag- Mom's
shoes- Pampanga

Monday, October 15, 2012

Scarlet Hints

"Simple pero wakaboom!" Yan ang sabi ng nanay ko upon seeing this outfit. Been meaning to wear this whole get-up because I had envisioned this look since May pa! Finally got to wear it when my cousin and I went to the mall today. Added red accents (well lots of it!) to make this otherwise simple outfit look more interesting. I noticed that whenever I wear a pair of jeans and a simple tee, my color accents would usually be white (from the shirt), tan (from the bag), blue (from the jeans) and red (from the lipstick)! You can view a similar outfit to this here. See what I mean? ;)

A little anecdote about the shoes. I wore this pair on my very first date with my boyfriend. But as you can see, these babies have tassels on them. On that fateful day, these tassels decided to fail me and become untangled causing him to tie them for me. I was mortified and embarrassed of course but now it's just a funny memory. He even joked that he obliged to tie them because he wanted to know if my feet stank! If they did, there wouldn't have been a second date for us, he said! Mean-o. Haha!
shirt- F21
jeans- Landmark
shades- Charles and Keith
satchel- Coconut Gold
shoes- Hong Kong
cobweb neckpiece- Simone's Closet

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Acid Trip

This look screams modern 90's to me. I'm not so sure why but maybe it has something to do with the flatforms, the leather, and the print of my blouse. It just looks grungy in a not so cliche way. I wore this to a children's party (yet again!) btw. I was so bored halfway through the program that I started cracking up jokes to my sister which resulted to us laughing like loonies. I swore to her that I will never let my child attend kids' parties and would rather let my kid be a loner than go through all these boring parties again! I even went as far as imagining a scene where my kid will show me the invitation and I will tear it to tiny pieces or even burn it. *evil laugh* Of course I was just kidding. Haha!

top- from my mom
shorts- H&M
flatforms- Manels
aviator shades- H&M
connector ring- Bubbles
bracelets- random

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Dainty Sunday

Here's a little fact: I just started hearing mass again (without a miss!) last June. I was a catholic school girl my entire grade school life and was very active as a lector and in the church choir. Then I went to high school in a non-sectarian institution and the indolence that came with adolescence took over and I stopped going to church altogether. My mom was practically rueful that she sent me to a non-catholic high school. But that wasn't it. It wasn't Diliman Prep's fault. I was just a lazy teen who couldn't be bothered to go spend an hour in church. College came and one Philo subject had me thinking and re-evaluating all these things about my religion and I came home every night with impassioned stories and lessons that I'd learned from said class. I had this gleam in my eyes whenever I shared all of these to my mom. To my disappointment, she concluded that my faith was weakening and wavering. At the time, I just knew that it didn't matter what my religion was and the important thing was my faith to God. This notion still holds true to me but I have recently started attending mass again, much to the delight of my mother. And I have Mark to thank for this. But mostly, I am thankful to my Lord for never leaving me. I have battled depression last year and He was there to keep me from losing my mind. Now, I'm still in a difficult place and time but somehow, I feel that I am where I'm supposed to be. That even though the people around me are skeptical and cynical of my decision and the outcome of my decision, I feel that everything is clearer to me. I hated the uncertainty that I felt before even when things were stable. And although my life is practically all over the place right now, I have never been so happy to be finally sure of something! I have taken a lot of detours, encountered dead ends, lost my self-worth and confidence but I know that no matter what, He will always be with me.

Cheers to my tabula rasa! 

blouse- Random
skirt- Sachico
jelly shoes- from Hong Kong
bag- mom's
neon necklace- F21
watch- Swatch

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Green Miss

Look at me blogging (almost) right on time! These photos were taken just yesterday during my niece's debut (7th birthday)! I've been attending A LOT of children's party lately. I guess you could say that these are my very own "blogger events". *laughs* Anyway, I was away from my QC home and was holed up in my Manila dorm for 2 weeks straight because I've been on the hunt for a job. I just went home this day because my big sister asked me to be the "official photographer" for the event. This, ladies and gents, was my 2nd comfy photographer outfit. Go ahead, click the link to see my 1st "I-am-a-photographer-look"! See, I like dressing up for these things. Big or small. It's like playing pretend! You know those games you play as a child like wanting to be a doctor when you grow up? Yup, well I was a legit photog in my mind here. Haha! Because my ensemble was leaning on the sexy side though (wattup body-constricting corset and mini!!!), I dressed it down by wearing comfy loafers instead of heels to make the look more youthful and playful. Good decision on my part too since I did a lot of walking and squatting around. Btw, excuse my photos with my sis-in-law's brother around! He was goofing off while me and my little sister were taking my outfit shots so I barely got decent shots without him there! Ah well. 

blazer- Tomato
corset- bought online
skirt- Bubbles
loafers- Parisian
bag- Esprit
necklace- The Ramp
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