Saturday, November 30, 2013


"You seem to be wearing just tank tops lately", that's what my boyfriend noticed about my style choices recently. Very keen my dear. I'm guessing it has something to do with feeling kind of lame because it's that time of the month. Need I say more, really? Let's all be thankful I'm not just lounging around in sweatpants. Haha! Quite fascinating how hormones also play a huge part in our way of dressing. Logical though and not improbable as it directly affects our moods which consequently, affects the way we express ourselves. 

The theme for today's outfit post is, unintentionally, panels. You can see it on my leggings and on my bag. This type of detailing is subtle but it makes a flat monochromatic attire look more interesting. The sheen from the patent and leather somehow go well with my silver accessories too, don't you think? This was my outfit when I went to see Sarah Geronimo's (a local singer/actress) concert last night hence it was also practical that I wore something comfortable and concert-friendly. 

tank top and leggings- Forever 21
shoes- Scarlet for Zalora
bag- Kate Spade

Monday, November 25, 2013


Nothing quite like a good pair of floral printed shorts (in this season's hottest cut--the origami of course!) to spruce up your wardrobe. This print though is quite different from my usual. For one, it reminds me of those resortwear graphics without bordering on garish. What I also find nice about this is that by being in this print, this trendy skort can still remain usable even when it has finally run its course because floral is practically timeless. Even when this particular style of skirt/shorts is no longer trendy, you could still put it to good use by wearing it to the beach for instance! In my recent browsing of Zalora's runway report for their Ezra line, it was shown there how much of a staple in women's closet this print is! Because really, what would scream girly/feminine better than flower power? 

As for what event I wore this to...this was my outfit when I went to see Lisa Macuja-Elizalde's last ballet performance of La Bayadere. It was such a fantastic experience to have watched it for the first and last time. You can view some photos that I took on my instagram! This get-up was perfect for such an art-filled event, I must say. 

top- Bench
skirt- random brand
shoes- Gibi
necklace and sunnies- Forever 21

Friday, November 15, 2013

By The Cafe

You know how some people have this love-hate relationship with junk food/desserts/whatever-their-guilty-pleasures are? Well, mine's coffee/tea. Just last week I was sent to the ER for hyperventilating and my doctor advised me to avoid anything that has caffeine seeing that I stress over things too much and don't handle uppers well. It's not the first time I've been told this and I obediently let a whole year pass me by without it but I gradually eased it back in my system again last year. Now though I'm back to abandoning coffee and specifically my latest addiction: milk tea. I'm a late convert, you see. 

It's quite funny how this whole post is so ironic now. :)

crop top and skirt- Forever 21
stockings- random
shoes- S&H
bag- Kate Spade

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Halloween 2013- The Femme Fatale

How was Halloween for you guys? I went to the province with my family and celebrated the holiday there. Here are a few instagram pics taken that day. I went as a femme fatale in a film noir. My costume was actually thought of the last minute---a few hours before I left town! These were just normal going-out clothes that I put together to form a jumpsuit of sorts. I was quite lazy to come up with a costume that entails a photo shoot this year unlike my previous Halloweens which you can read about here and here. So how did you celebrate the holiday? Tell me all about it, I'd love to know. :)
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