Thursday, May 23, 2013

Chill Bill

Denims and loafers. These are the comfiest items that one could have in their closet. But in my case, I upped the style factor (and ouch factor too) just a tad by picking studded loafers instead of the normal/printed ones and by wearing a floral corset underneath my chambray/denim blouse. Comfort and a little edge are interesting together. Anyway, here's a preview of our newly renovated house in my province Buhi, CamSur. Went there last week for the opening and blessing of the house and the quaint coffee shop my mom put up there. I'm proud of my family for the great outcome. We didn't get any interior designers and architects but my uncle and mom did a very good job with the design/style/structure/light fixtures/furniture and all the interesting tiny details in the house. Now we can have a more comfortable stay there when we visit during the holidays. Most importantly, I'm sure our late grandparents would be proud of their son (my uncle) and daughter (my mom) for bringing life, light, and commerce into our ancestral home once again. No longer will it be shrouded in the dark and joked about for its haunted house qualities. :)

chambray, necklace- Forever 21
denim shorts- Divi
shoes- S&H

Friday, May 17, 2013

Neon Rock

I went a little bit rocker chick in this outfit because I've been sporting the girly classy look a lot lately. Oh how I missed dressing like this! I am quite drawn to the polar opposite look of being preppy, which is probably a testament to how bipolar/versatile my style can get. I like it though. Keeps things fresh and exciting! I built my outfit around the swimsuit that I was wearing here because I was inspired by what Leighton Meester did in her movie Monte Carlo when she wore her bathing suit underneath her dress. Thought mine could pass as a top too and kept things cohesive by adding a neon necklace to complement it. 

bathing suit- Landmark
leather shorts- H&M
sneaker wedges- S&H
chambray- 11th of October
necklace- Forever 21
bag- Esprit

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Black Track

I used to say "I can't wait to be thirty and dress all fancy and powerful" when I was younger. I still do by the way. Then I realized, why wait to reach that age when I can do it now. That's what's so fun about fashion anyway; I can take on different personas through different styles. I never saw myself being mixed up in the corporate world as I always envisioned myself as a designer, briefly as part of the media and entertainment industry. Therefore I always thought that I wouldn't get as much chance to dress in stiff office wear. The one time I had an opportunity to do so, my office (which was situated in bustling Makati btw) wasn't too strict and formal with the dress code. To get a vivid image of what I am trying to convey here's an example of what I wore there. Now though, I'm much more game and open to dressing like this even though I'm not a celebrity, a rich man's wife, heiress, an entrepreneur, heck not even as a CEO of an imaginary company! I can pretend to be any of those in my head though, right? My elder sister and cousin both remarked how classy I looked in this outfit and how it reminded them of Kim Kardashian. At least I looked like one of the things I mentioned above and passed as a celebrity in this outfit. Do you see it too? Haha!

sheer polo- WAGW
skirt- Forever 21
shoes- Payless
bag- Kenneth Cole
necklace and shades- Forever 21
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