Monday, April 7, 2014

Boy 21

And...she's alive!!! My god. A whole month had passed since I wrote last. I even celebrated my 22nd birthday and wasn't able to do a post about it. I can't claim that a lot has happened which led to my negligence of the blog as that wasn't the case. In fact, I tend to squeeze in a post or two and write more when there is so much to do. That's classic escapism for you, I guess. No, my absence had nothing to do with preoccupation. It was more of having been eluded by inspiration, a certain genius and motivation to continue updating this virtual and visual journal of mine. Something is amiss and missing for being stuck in a rut that has alarmingly carried on for over a month. I wish that this post will ease me back in to writing.

I wore this outfit out to another foodtrip at BF Homes Paranaque thus the casual and fun look. It wasn't just a typical food expedition though as I came with a purpose to take photos of everything that I had consumed that day. It's for a photography project and I'll share some photos here on the blog once I finish editing. Stay with me 'til then? :)

shirt, headband, shoes, necklace- Forever 21
shorts- The Second Shop

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Skirting The Issue

Pencils skirts are kind of my thing lately. Having been sent to the Office of Student Behavior twice now for wearing short hemmed skirts with a corresponding punishment of attending a seminar aptly called Turning Over A New Leaf (I had to pinch myself real hard under the table to keep myself from bursting into a fit of snarky and disdainful laughter in front of this stern officer) just made me more determined to ditch my itty bitty skirts...for a while. And yes, I wore this outfit to school Mr. Skirt Police. 

top- from years ago
skirt- Forever 21
shoes- Zalora 
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