Thursday, April 25, 2013

Pink Printed Suit

On this day I was tasked to be the photog for my mom's party once again. It was agreed upon that the guests all wear their favorite colors. Guess what mine is. Haha. Mine's red actually but I was surprised to learn that I didn't own any red clothes so I figured my next fave color would do. It was raining when I wore this out btw so the blazer and pants weren't too stuffy for me. I played with two different prints here but it all worked cohesively because of the same pantones in this look. I was going for a girly and more playful version of a man's suit. So what do you guys think?

blazer, pants, necklace, tank top- Forever21
shoes- Hong Kong
bag- Nine West

Sunday, April 14, 2013

English Rose

I rarely wear jeans and t-shirts anymore. Last time I consistently did was in 3rd year high school when my usual get-up was comprised of a cool graphic shirt, good fitting denim and a pair of Chucks finished with long chained necklaces. When I do wear this no-fail combo now though, it's usually spruced up with not so ordinary accents like this flowery pumps, bowler hat, gold accessories and classy bag. Here's a similar outfit taken 2 years ago. And for some reason, outfits like these make me feel sexier and more womanly. I guess sometimes less is really more. But being someone who likes to dabble in various styles, I'd say it's better to mix it up sometimes and not be one note . :)

shirt- Cotton On
jeans- Jag
bag- Kenneth Cole
shoes- Payles
bowler hat- H&M
necklace- Forever21

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Denim & Khaki

Someone asked me what my style was and as always I was left pondering about it for a good 5 seconds or so before I could answer. I'd like to think that I am versatile and cannot be limited by a particular style. Although if I were to single out a style that I am particularly fond of that would be the preppy look. If you've been following my blog long enough you'd probably have seen me gravitate towards it and just nod in agreement. There's just something so sexy and alluring about looking sweet and innocent and not showing too much skin. I am also aware that my style isn't too trendy. I go for classic pieces and only choose trends that I fall in love with and don't jump into every fashion bandwagon there is. This look was a perfect example of that. Khaki and denim don't go out of style and have to be waited out to go back into mainstream. This chambray top has been used countless of times already and this skirt will surely make more appearances in this blog. The chain link necklace and plaid bag were versatile enough that even though they were new, they had that classic-vintage appeal to it. I guess the only trendy/current piece in this outfit were the shoes. 

chambray- 11th of October
skirt- Forever21
bag- Coach
shoes- F-Stop
necklace- Forever21

Monday, April 8, 2013

Junk to Funk

For my first post for April I bring you an outfit post that is quite different from my usual. Say hello to my recyclable ootd! Yes folks this dress was made out of corn husks and sprinkled with broken plastic CDs. This was for a quasi-fashion show at my mom's office wherein all the daughters of selected officers were to model these recycled garments.
Here's Alex with her place mat and tablecloth dress. In my opinion, these were the easiest materials to work with since it's already cloth and the plastic mat wouldn't be too fragile to be made out as a dress; the challenge in this though is that with the wrong execution this dress could've turned out tacky and kitschy what with the prints and all. But because it had an elegant and flattering silhouette (sweetheart neckline and cinched waist) plus the proudly Pinoy Terno inspired sleeve, this dress turned out classy and sweet! 
Now we have Tin and her magazine dress. What I like about this is the different textures in this outfit. There were pleats, weaves and origami-inspired folds in the bodice. 
These two were made out of rice and flour sacks. Sacks have prints that are very distinct and distracting so it was nice that there were touches of abaca ropes and walis in these dresses that diverted the audience's attention from the prints.
What an innovative start to my April I must say. At first I was reluctant to entertain my mom's request but looking back, it was nice to have seen so many creative visions in this show. And because I'm taking fashion design classes this coming May, I guess this also served as as a warm up for me.
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