Sunday, March 27, 2011

Geeky and Chunky

Here's me rambling as I tell you all about these photos. I spent yesterday at the mall instead of staying in and doing my papers (what a good student, right?). I figured since I was already so depressed, dressing up (for a good reason) to go to the mall with a friend was a perfect pick me-upper. Chunky heels and nerdy glasses were the common denominators of our outfits. When two (or more) blogger friends meet, cam-whoring's always bound to happen hence our seemingly endless photos. Hmm, lipstick on my teeth, that's gotta be my trademark. My friends are so used to seeing pink/red smudges on my teeth that they don't bother telling me to wipe it off anymore. Also glad that I found a friend in En's little cousin, Ishy. Ended the day by laughing our butts off and chatting some more while munching on gooey chocolate donuts at Rn'B, that homey and quaint cafe near our house. Yesterday was a blast and I couldn't quite contain my giddiness for something that I am supposed to keep mum about. Thank you En for that day! *winks*

Photo credits: Nicole Santos and her Tita. :)

P.S. Thank you all so much for the blogversary greetings! They were very much appreciated! :)


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

It's Been A Year!

I can't believe my blog just turned 1 yesterday, March 21, 2011, and that I totally forgot about it! Just taking a quick break from doing my paper to post this (not even FB-ing 'coz I'm focusing on these damn papers)! Wow it still feels a bit surreal. It's been a year of blogging, a year of posting outfits and a year of documenting my style. Join me as I take a trip down fashion memory lane on this post starting from my early blogging days to more recent outfit posts. :)

This post is definitely picture-heavy, you have been warned. :))
Looking at these photos, I can't help but notice that I don't seem to have one style/look only. But I guess, that's what I like about not having a particular look, I can go from being a girly-girl in flouncy skirts to a rocker chick in leather vests and ripped tights! And that's why Fashion is so much fun. It's like playing pretend and dress-up everyday.
My golly, it is true when they say that time flies when you're enjoying yourself, I didn't even feel that a year has passed and my blog is now a year old! My blog has definitely come to mean so much to me. Blogging and reading your posts have become very therapeutic for me whenever I'm having a rough day or when I feel lost, helpless, burnt out, and uninspired. Through blogging, I get to reconnect with my first love which is Fashion. But of course, this experience wouldn't be as fun and as fulfilling if it weren't for you guys, my lovely readers, who encourage me to continue blogging and to have a style that is my own. Thank you for sharing this experience with me everyone! Here's to more years in the blogosphere of Fashion! I love you all so much! Here's a virtual hug as well! *huuuuuuug*



Friday, March 18, 2011

Cut It Out!

The Inspiration: Cut-out shoulders! :)My take on the trend:
I'm wearing DIY-ed garments here ie. the shorts and the blouse. So I DIY-ed my mom's vintage semi see-through shirt by cutting out the shoulder part of the shirt. It came out alright, if I do say so myself (still needs stitching though). I think it added something extra to this shirt, now I just need to stash it at the farthest corner of my closet where my mom won't be able to find it. Haha! I've been itching to try out this trend ever since the influx of cut-out shoulder parts on Chictopia and Lookbook. Hmm, someone please keep the scissors away from me. I seem to be cutting a lot of things my hair, these shorts, and now this blouse. Haha!

P.S. I dunno 'bout you guys, but I kinda like how my hair looked like a mullet from the 80's (cue achy breaky-heart music). HAHAHA!

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