Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice

I was really surprised with Unica Hija's collection for fashion week this year. The brand has been around long enough for me to know that its style is for the ultimate girly-girl. But their collection wasn't just about frills, lace, and ruffles; they showed us that they also do other looks but still manage to stay true to their signature style. In fact, they had 40's inspired dresses with matching bonnets, 50's shape-enhancing peplums, 60's mod shift dresses, corporate wear that wasn't boring at all, preppy blouses that tickled my fancy, trendy tribal printed dresses (worn by Charo Ronquillo) and of course feminine florals. My personal favorite? Charo Ronquillo's lace and aztec printed dress. How clever of them to use the tribal print fabric as a lining for the lace dress! This is the perfect example of merging together trendy and classic pieces. The dress is lace (classic and girly), the lining is in this year's sought-after print (tribal), the cut is mullet type which again makes it feel more "now". I think it embodies Unica perfectly! See what I mean? :)

sheer polo- WAGW
leather shorts- H&M
clutch- from Singapore
leopard booties- Rubi for Cotton On
necklace- Superb Bazaar

Sunday, June 24, 2012


My most awaited pair from my sponsor Oasap.com has finally reached my eager hands! If you've been reading my blog long enough, it shouldn't come off as a total surprise that I'd pick this pair since I've been lusting over studded shoes for what seemed like forever! Yeah, go click the link to see my studs and spikes obsession post from 2 years ago! *laughs* Can't wait to take these sexy and possibly deadly babies out for a spin! Woot!


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Flower Power

Floral was the theme of the night on Day 2 of PFW. My mom and I went out of our rooms that night feeling pleasantly surprised to find both of us clad in the print. I love it whenever I'm "terno" with Mama. Recently, I've been wearing matching outfits with a special someone too! We don't even talk about it. I get secretly giddy whenever that happens. It's like a simple and subtle way of showing the world that this person and I are on the same page or at least have the same taste in fashion. I hope that makes sense. Haha! 

The Ezra Santos collection was one of my faves btw. It showcased his impeccable taste, masterful beadwork, sophistication, excellent tailoring and understanding of a woman's body. I've nothing but praises for his art! The moment his first garment went down the runway, we were immediately entranced and he kept us hooked 'til the last piece! My mom and I were just gaping and I kept saying to her, "ang gandaaa" while clutching her arm for support. Yes, I was that IN LOVE with his pieces. It transported me to a time when I used to watch runway shows (of Versace, Dolce and Gabbana, CK, Michael Kors, Carolina Herrera etc.) on FashionTv as a child. I remember feeling this very strong desire and passion of becoming a designer one day every-freakin-time I watch these shows. Anyway, I might do a post on Ezra's collection soon just so I can show you what I saw that night and because I want everyone who reads this blog to appreciate his talent too. :)

floral mullet buttondown and necklace- 168 mall (for real)
pink jeans- Karissa
heel-less shoes- Parisian
clutch- H&M
mama's dress- Forever21
mama's bag- Michael Kors

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Mustard, Lace, and Leopard

The first Philippine Fashion Week Holiday show I watched this year was that of Jun Jun Cambe's. Memorable night not because of the show but because this was the first time I went alone coming from our home in QC to SMX. Woah, huge feat for me that one. Haha! If you must know, I am practically dependent on my whole family. So yeah, a cab ride alone and having a poor sense of direction were enough to make me sick the whole time I was on the road going to SMX. Hee. 

As for my outfit, my little sister called this the "big-sister-ang-yaman-mo-lang-tingnan" look. Hahaha! Lace, pearls and a good quality bag would help achieve this look, I guess. What do you think? 

lace top- gifted by my sis-in-law
mullet skirt- thrifted
shoes- F-STOP
bag- Michael Kors
pearl necklace- SM Dept. store

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Something About Mary

It has been a while since I last donned an all cutesy-preppy outfit like this. It's all thanks to this polka top that I borrowed from my fave cousin, Mary---hence the title. This whole outfit post is to annoy her actually since I paired her blouse with my pink brogues which she has a complete aversion to. I remember telling her to give brogues/oxfords a chance but she rejected the idea entirely. 

Anyway, wore this when the whole family watched the China National Acrobatic Circus last month. I wasn't really expecting much from the show but boy I was proven wrong! I was totally blown away by their stunts! By the end of the show, we bought one of those dumbbell-looking yoyos as seen on the 6th photo (which by the way, looks easy to play but until now we still don't know how it works haha!). I guess I was even more excited than the kids in the family. Lol. 

top- Mary's
shorts- random brand
brogues- from Korea
necklace- Forever21
satchel- Coconut Gold
flower hairpin- H&M
socks- SM Dept. store

Friday, June 8, 2012


Named this post after the mysteries of the rosary because of an inside joke between me and the person whom I met when I wore this outfit out. This was my "anti-date look" actually. Haha! I was feeling quite pissed and rebellious that day to be honest so instead of being all cutesy, girly, and feminine, I chose to wear something that was the complete opposite of those things. I still kept the look slightly preppy, clean, and not too busy so it'd still be very "me" though. :)

loose tee- Forever21
leather shorts- H&M
polka tights- from HongKong
brogues- custom made
bowler hat- H&M
leopard clutch- from HongKong
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