Friday, August 9, 2013

Quirky Twirky

The skater skirt is one of the easiest things to wear this season, no wonder it has been the uniform of college gals like me who don't have to wear uniforms in their universities. Although this piece of clothing is seen on almost everyone in my campus, I'm not gonna stop sporting it anytime soon and you'll probably see more of it just in different colors and prints only 'coz it has been my default attire whenever I'm lazy to think of a more creative outfit. This may very well pass as my comfy sweats. And since this post does not offer anything too out-of-the-box, I'm just showing you how I paired this skirt with a quirky top that somehow makes up for the plainness of the look. Silver metal pieces like the spikes on my loafers and collar necklace add a touch of toughness to this otherwise playful and young look.

One little anecdote about this outfit that I'm going to let you in on as well is that when I wore this I wasn't my happiest...and yet the vibrant hues helped elicit chirpier emotions within me that somehow made the day a little bit rosier for me. And that, I think, is just one of the many contributions of fashion in my life. :)

top- Pink Manila
skirt- Cotton On
shoes- S&H
necklace- F-Stop

Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Sweetheart

I recall telling our household help Ate Gina, one busy morning when I was rummaging through my cabinet, that I needed more dresses in my life. Being someone who just recently overcame her insecurities about her legs, I mostly have jeans and not enough delicate dresses in my closet. At that particular moment though, I wanted to just slip on a one piece garment because I wanted an easy and no-brainer look! Alas, the only dresses that I found were just too formal-looking, specifically bought for gatherings and special events. I left wearing a complicated outfit that day. 

When I saw this dress during one of my online scours, I thought it looked really pretty, young, loud and crazy. I'm usually safe when it comes to my purchases---making sure I can wear and style it in various ways on different occasions---so naturally my first instinct was to close that tab and look elsewhere. But then a voice in my head (I'm not schizo don't worry) challenged me to step out of my comfort zone and go for something that I won't normally buy for myself. This was the dress that I chose. The sweetheart neckline and cut of the dress looked sweet, dainty, and classic but because the print was practically screaming in your face, it became a little less boring. It somehow reminded me of Katy Perry too and 3 weeks before this purchase I just recently watched her movie on HBO so I guess I was also influenced by that in some way. 

dress- Apartment 8
belt and necklace- Forever 21
shoes and bag- Mom's
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