Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Like Living Under a Rock

Wow, I think I've been gone from the blog-o-sphere for too long. So, the reason behind it is because the internet connection had gone haywire here in my place. I could've gone somewhere else but the whole family left for the province to attend the fiesta there for 3 days and left me and my cousin home alone and penniless (not really penniless but not enough moolah for hanging out and stuff like that). I couldn't believe I lasted 3 long days without the net.

So on that last day of being bored, while anticipating my family's return, I saw my childhood friend Camille heading out to a convenience store under her lil' umbrella. I practically shoved our window screens away and yelled my lungs out in my excitement to see OTHER people. Haha! So that was how I convinced Camille and Elyssa to hang out with me that day. Haha!

I tried out La Barista's Irish Creme. Verdict? Won't compare to RnB's yummy coffee. Haha!

Their cream puff that Camille ordered.

Wristwatch and ring from my mom.

Elyssa's colorful bead bracelets. She gave each one of us a bracelet that she all got from her recent trip to Bora. Thanks dear! :)

Camille and Elyssa enjoying streetfood. :)

Here with my fellow blogger friend Elyssa. :)

And that was a fun day spent with two of my girls. They rescued me from yet another boring day that Monday. :)
I missed you guys! Hope everyone's having a splendid week!
(other photos stolen from Elyssa's FB. Hee.)


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My Paper Companions

Ok, I have slowed down on the outfit post updates because 1.) I've nowhere to go 2.) my friends are somewhat busy--with school, yes even though it's already our vacay--and it's really bumming me out 'coz I need to get out more and I miss them terribly (guys, do you hear me calling?) and 3.) all I've been doing is reading and playing paperdolls the whole week! Haha!

I know, I know I just turned 18 and yet I'm still playing paperdolls. I guess this is one of those things which I will never outgrow. And I'm not complaining. Haha! My cousin who's visiting me from Laguna never fails to crack me up when we play this. We'd suddenly acquire this fake and high-pitched British Accents while playing and we'd end up laughing the entire time!

Currently reading Cecily von Ziegesar's GossipGirl Prequel ('coz finally, I finished reading the entire series!) It Had To Be You.

This paperdoll has been lying around for years now since I never really got around to playing it until now. I remember I looked forward to going to Fullybooked at Powerplant Mall back when I was younger just so I could convince my mom to buy me these. :D

Here are the poised and lovely dress-up dolls...

On a totally different but still fashion-related note, my haircolor has turned red now and I'm hatin' it. My hair's supposed to be the color of Revlon's Soft Dark Brown! Ok, sorry for the pointless ranting...Haha!

Halo-halo and pansit for merienda (how very Filipino, don't you think?).

Day two of playing my 40's inspired paperdoll...

Bacon and pancakes in the afternoon...YUM!

My fave! Bacon! Oh God, I could never tire of eating it. Just looking at it again makes my mouth water! Haha!

I wish I had this many clothes...

I love love love that Balenciaga coat worn by the doll at the right.

What they'd be wearing on a cruise...

and cycling and heading out for groceries...

I guess there really is no age limit to playing paperdolls (ehem!) especially if one loves Fashion so much...or not. Fashion connoisseurs, paperdoll enthusiasts and historians even, will surely love this type of paperdoll. :)

I promise to get back to posting outfit posts soon!

xoxo dears,

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Light as Air

This top is as light and as breezy as air. Perfect for this hot weather.

I've always been in search for bohemian/Japanese-inspired tunics so when I saw this at Mags, I immediately bought it, well my mom did. Haha! Even though I already spent all my shopping money that day, I asked my mom to loan me some moolah and promised to pay her back when school starts. Haha!

The shoes, they’re my fave red pair. The pleated ribbons remind me of Ferragamo. As for the shorts, they were actually pants that I cut because the length was too awkward. :)

I had to tuck the pleats in because *sniffs* my shoes are falling apart. I just use this pair way too much. How could I not? I love the color red and a pair of red shoes immediately spruces up a blah outfit. I hope to find a good pair such as this when I finally have to bid this pair adieu. :(

Wore this to a banana muffin date with two of my closest gal pals Ara and Deb. We talked over some serious friendship troubles and they were more than helpful.

Enjoy the rest of the week dears! My week has been a bit gloomy. Friendship troubles. I hope to clear things out soon though. Wish me luck!

Scarlet April

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Of Swallows, Cats and Printed Little Things

So I'm through obsessing over Prada's SS10 postcard "Paris" sunglasses and now I'm on to lusting after Miu Miu's SS10 collection! I just adore the cute little prints on the shoes, collars and the garments most definitely! Miuccia Prada is a genius for coming up with these whimsical prints and designs! I've been showing my cousin the collection for days now and I got her hooked as well!

Look at the cute little shoesies all lined up above... :)

Chic from hair to shoes! Lovin' the side braid and that printed little collar! I've seen a lot of DIY's for these and I might try it out myself! :)
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