Thursday, April 28, 2011

Summer Dressin' + Meg Feature!

My new 35mm film waterproof lomo camera that I won over from Lee's giveaway! Thank you Lee I super loooove it and also the red lips necklace and earrings! You know I love red lippies! :)
Overexposed shots! What the hell, let's all just imagine that I am bathed in the sun's orange-y glow! Haha!
Now this one's just right. See how you can tell that my lipstick color is light orange and not really nude? Yep. All because of the lighting. Tyra Banks was right when she told her ANTM girls to "FIND THE LIGHT". Haha!
(lace cropped top-The Ramp | shorts-The Second Shop | purple bowler hat-random brand | sandals-Trunkshow | studs necklace-Pop Culture | zebra print bag-Landmark)
Summer is indeed in its full swing here in Manila, so much so that I can really feel the heat and the sun's rays prickling my skin whenever I go out which makes me more determined to stay in and do nothing that will make me work up a sweat! This week I managed to chug down 5 bottles of Coke (the big ones) and yes, I am perfectly aware that it's bad for my health but what can I do? The girl's thirsty. I hope I still have the drive to dress-up under this intense heat though. Okay okay enough with the complainin' (see I'm no beach babe and summer lover, I worship THE RAIN and THE COLD). I hate heat and the sun so much that I stayed at home all week long when the whole family went to Boracay last week (see, mi brotha just came home from Canada)! So where could a girl like me enjoy a nice swim? At a nice secluded falls or private pool maybe. But never when it's sunny. Night swimming, everyone?

On a slightly different note (imagine my voice getting an octave higher as I proceed to tell you to...), please grab a copy of the May 2011 issue of meg Magazine! En and I are featured on their Stylestalker section for this month! I am still so shaken from seeing myself on a magazine! I used to dream (well, I still do) of being the girl whose face was plastered on a glossy!!! SO FREAKIN' STOKED MAAAAAN LIKE ASDFGHJKL!!! Pardon my excitement, it's just that, it's my first print feature evaaaah so...yeah. =)) Special thanks to Zanti Jimenez! :)
I have A LOT to be thankful for this May! So how's everybody doin'? Hope you're all having fun basking in the sun (unlike me hehe)! That's it for now mi lovelies! 'Til the next post!


Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Movie In My Mind

If you've been following my blog long enough, you would know by now how much I love the color red, flamboyant gowns and Old Hollywood Glamour. Combine these three elements together and you've got a very dramatic, elegant, eye candy of a gown that will make anyone dream of the golden days of Hollywood or maybe just the gown. These photos of Fan Bingbing, a Chinese actress/singer who's recently making it big in Hollywood and wowing the fashion designers and fashion enthusiasts alike with her style, are from her 2010 drama/espionage movie East Wind, Rain.

Oh my don't you just love the composition of the photos, the red gown which has a 5-meter-train (if I'm not mistaken), her flawless Asian porcelain skin, her long jet-black hair, and the drama of it all? It makes me wish I could re-do my debut all over again. Haha!

*title came from a song in the musical Miss Saigon (yep I changed the title)

PS. Will be back to regular posting of outfits after this, I just had to post this!

PPS. Now I dream of being a spy, disguising myself as a singer singing my heart out in Shanghai garbed in the most wonderful gown ever (talk about going incognito)! And that is my imagination running wild. Haha!

photos grabbed from this and this.


Saturday, April 23, 2011

Military and Flowers

Not the best angle for my fingers. They look like stumpy bananas (haha) but it's the only photo where you can see Lady Gaga perching perfectly on my pointy finger! :))
(military vest-Trunkshow | floral bodycon-Mom's | shoes-Parisian Jr. | Tansan ring-Sachico | Snake ring-Anagon)
Late post is late. These photos were taken when En, Rej and I went to attend a fashion show in Greenbelt 3. This day was really something. Read on to know what happened that day that I find truly amusing and epic. Haha!

I woke up that day feeling unwell and not in the mood to go (plus I forgot to ask my mom for some moolah) so I felt like staying in and ditching. But I was being very indecisive that day so in the end I still accompanied En and her sister to Greenbelt. When we got there, we met up with Neil, Jonard, Joma and Lois (very fasssyooon bunch, I tell you) to wait up for Rachelle and watch the fashion show together. Unfortunately, the place was already packed with people so we weren't able to get seats and only stayed for a while. During the show we got to meet Ava of Artsyfartsyava and I was awestricken by her! She was sooo pretty and very friendly! I had to restrain myself from being such a fangirl. Haha! After a quick "hi-hello" and picture sesh with her, we bid her farewell and went mall-hopping to eat dinner at Trinoma. However, because I was already tired and hungry, not to mention parched from all the walking, photo-ops, and whatnot, when we were inside the train on our way to Tri, I suddenly had trouble breathing (claustrophobic si ate? Haha). (Now this is where things get exciting haha) The next moment I was already sweating bullets, hearing buzzing sounds in my ears and then the background sound of people talking was muffled (parang nasa Baguio lang hehe). In that moment all I could think about were my friends Meli and Anna (thanks for the warning you guys haha!) who once so casually told me about the symptoms and the feeling of fainting. Haha! I was giddy that I was at last about to experience it firsthand but at the same time I was also struggling to keep my balance and my consciousness! The moment I was certain that I was going to fall over, I closed my eyes, evened out my breathing and put all my weight on En's shoulder. My thought process at the time was:
"Am I going to faint?--Is this for real?--Yes it's for real!--Yey I now know the feeling of fainting!--Woops don't faint here honey!--Crap it's embarrassing I'm sweating like a pig!--Oh f*uck them I feel awful!--Close your eyes Jossa--Mind over matter--Mind over matter (repeat until you've convinced yourself you're not going to reel haha)..." At first, En wouldn't believe me when I told her that I'm about to faint but thank God, a woman noticed my pain (and my profuse sweating) and told Rej and En to put me under the A/C (What a scene right? Wapoise na kung wapoise). My God the cold air was like the salvation that I needed! When we got to the resto, my friends immediately asked for a glass of water from the waiter and as soon as the cold water came into contact with my parched throat, I was already feeling better and more energetic. Lesson of the day: Drink lot's o' H2o! Haha! Fun day I must say, though I never knew the importance of drinking plenty of fluids until that fateful day. Should've just listened to my mom. Truly, mothers know best. Preach. :))

photo credits: Nicole Santos and mah sistah Natasha


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Scarlet April Phone App

Guess what? My blog is now a phone application! To all Nokia users out there, you can now download my blog's phone app on your phone for FREE! That way, you guys can be updated the moment I publish a new post and...well, so you can read and browse through my blog even while you're out and about in the city, inside a car or practically anywhere else! Only if you want to of course. Hee. So there, go check it out HERE.


Monday, April 18, 2011

Prep Up!

There's just something about a preppy outfit that captivates me. Maybe it's that innocent schoolgirl look. Maybe it's the layering. Whatever it is, I love it. Just like what Kelly Osbourne said on Fashion Police last night, she'd rather look cute than sexy. I agree. I think looking cute in a preppy attire is sexy. It's being sexy without showing too much skin.And now I'll leave you with a collage of preppy outfits (photos that I saved on my computer) that I faved on Chictopia. :) (Photos are not mine, obviously :D)
Cute eh? Wish I could always layer up here in the country. Ahh...the downside of living in a tropical country. :/

PS. Sorry if I included outfit shots taken inside the house. I just couldn't decide which photos to put up here on the blog as I liked the frames behind the first 2 photos (figured it went well with the outfit theme) and the natural lighting in the rest of the pictures. So hell I just dumped it all on here. Haha!

PPS. Finally made a twitter account (just so I could follow Matthew Gray Gubler of Criminal Minds HAHA) So...FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER!


Friday, April 8, 2011

Color My Life With The Chaos of Trouble

Once again, I got my scissors and cut cut cut my mom's vintage button-down without her knowing. I think it looks more interesting now. Tried a subtler version of the color blocking trend which is so HOT this SUMMER. Haha get it? HOT and...SUMMER. Okaaay, I'm so corny. HAHAHA! Sorry I can't help it, I'm just so happy that I'm officially on break! Le sigh...I feel much chipper and optimistic now that I'm done with this term. All those paperwork burned me out and left me uninspired I guess. So...back to the outfit. I'm wearing my mom's vintage beige/nude button-down which I DIY-ed, resurrected these neon pink skinny jeans that was in vogue back then (yes, I was gaga over colored jeans before oh c'mon admit it you bought it in every possible color too, right? HAHA), and finished the look with these bright orange pumps from SM. I'm also trying out the orange lipstick. I think it's perfect for summer. It just adds that beach-y, goddess-y glow to your complexion. :)
On a totes different note, I came across this photo of my mom when she was my age and I can't help but squeal with delight when I saw her wearing these immaculate white wide-leg jeans and carrying a super cool fold-able clutch! I've been wanting to add these two staples in my closet! Too bad she didn't keep these items.

After I got past noticing her outfit, I suddenly felt weird seeing her looking this young. Just so weird to know that my mom was once a teenager too. Haha! Anyhoo, I posted this on my FB and my friends kept on commenting that I look like her and that we have the same figure. (Really?!) So I showed the pic and my friends' comments to my mom and you know what she said? She said: "Yes I once had the same figure but you don't have...boobs". Uh-huh, those were the words of my mother. She smugly told me that and laughed at me. My jaw just dropped and I yelled at her for wounding my vanity. HAHAHA!

Oh mom. She is indeed very beautiful. Inside and out. I love her no matter what.


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