Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Perfect Summer Sunglasses

I am not a shades-wearing-fashionista and would most likely just buy sunglasses during the summer just for the heck of it and would most probably leave the glasses lying around unused. Yes, I didn't care that much for it because you could say that I'm more of a shoes and clothes kind of person. However, when I laid eyes upon Prada's Spring Summer 2010 Postcard Transparent Sunglasses, I knew I fell in love and found the perfect sunglasses for me. Perfect, if I could ever afford to buy one without going broke for a kinda long time---but thank God not forever! Haha! (Sighs) Oh if only my brother could send me these and I would be the happiest and most grateful little sister ever! But alas, he had already bought me my Canon 350D...which of course, I'm extremely giddy about. Hee.

So now, I'm left lusting after these babies...and with this one particular transparent colorless sunglasses. :)

Isn't it just lovely? I love how it can make you stand out from the usual-black-oversize-shades-wearing or Rayban-Wayfarers-wearing crowd this summer, especially. Oh It has been playing in my mind like some flashback or a scene that's on replay for days now! Gosh. How I wish I could get my hands on these lovelies.

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Monday, April 26, 2010

One Fine Afternoon with The Girls

Finally enjoying my break and what good way to spend those free and vacant days than to share it with my friends!

Went to school the other day to pass my requirements and the girlfriends tagged along. Thank goodness because they saved me from what could've been a lonely ride to school.

But before heading out to my school, we ate lunch at this quaint cafe near our place...then off we went to my school! After submitting some overdue papers, we school-hopped and went to my two gals' university. That explains why most of the photos were taken at UST and not even a single photo was taken in my school. HAHA!

Goofing off at McDonald's. Here with my childhood friend Camille.

After eating at McDonald's and satisfying Camille's craving for a sundae, we went back to the place where we ate our lunch and that was when the battery of my SLR died (which explains why the next photos weren't of high quality).

On that day, I just wore my white button down shirt because I had that moment where I felt like I had nothing to wear (we all feel that way every now and then, noh?) and a white button down seemed the way to go! That is why I completely agree that a crisp white polo is definitely an essential to every girl's wardrobe. Hee. Oomph-ed it up with my crimson red lipstick and voila, I was ready to go. :D

The "take-turns" glasses. Poor geeky glasses. Haha! Had so much fun with ze girls!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

This Summer...

While waiting for my debut pics to finally come to me...Let me just post pictures of what I am lovin' and what I ought to do this summer. :)

Let's start with what I plan to do this summer all written down on a paper:

One thing I must do this summer is to rekindle my love affair with books. Ever since the start of college, my books have been untouched and have collected dust in my lonely bookshelf.

I have yet to finish reading my GossipGirl Collection! During the summer before my freshman year in college, I have been so engrossed in reading that I managed to read the entire series (well, almost)...then came college and all my other distractions and the LAST book in the series was forgotten. Haha!

It's the last in the series for cryin' out loud! HAHA!

Hmm...I love my new headphones so much that I will surely love listening to music more often! Hee. :)

Now on to what I'm lovin'...

(Cute goodies from Etude House!)

(These were bought by my Mom when she went on a little trip to Korea)

I plan to paint my nails with these summer-y colors! I just wish that after I'm done with every color my nails won't turn yellow from all the nail-painting. Haha!

My summer fragrances! I've been using Acca Kappa non-stop that I've been neglecting these cuties!

So, that's it for now! Thank y'all for stopin' by my blog and please feel free to leave comments! 

Much love,
               Scarlet April xx

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Summer Hearts

There is no way I'd don jeans during this summer! It's way too hot right now for that and that is why I'm always wearing shorts, dresses and skirts. That is very unusual for me since I am not a leg bearing kind of person so you could only imagine my friends' shocked faces whenever they see me in a dress or in garments that showcase my gams. Oh the things summer could do to a very conservative lady. HAHA!
(wearing two heart pendants and a skirt that has tiny hearts printed on it hence the "heart" in the title)
(Excuse the annoyed face. Hee.)
(my fave canvas bag that I ordered from my blockmate; I am Ninoy Bag!)

A quick outfit post while waiting to get my hands on the copy of my debut pics! Will post it real soon! :)

SUMMER bummer. :D

Sunday, April 18, 2010


At last, my debut finally happened! It was a night of glamour, fun, love and fashion! Love it! 
Will post debut pics once I get my copy of the photos! In the meantime, here's a teaser photo? (If I could even call it that) :D

Some of my friends weren't able to make it and the special someone wasn't there to be my last rose so of course I felt sad but hey, at least most of my friends were there to show their love and support! FUN NIGHT INDEED! More pics on my next post! :D

Thursday, April 15, 2010

3B's: Brown, Beige and Braid.

It is unbelievably hot right now in Manila hence the shorts/dresses outfit posts. Screw global warming!

Anyway, it's nice that my cousin's here to take photos of my outfits. Thankies my dear cuz! :)
Oh who will take photos of my outfits once you leave for Laguna again!? (Thinks to self that she really needs to get a tripod...)

Oh well, here's a bohemian outfit for y'all...

A flowy dress for a hot day such as today! :)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Stepdad's Shirt

Since it's already hot here in Manila...I opted for a shorts and shirt get-up.
The story behind this look...
I was always on the hunt for that perfect V-neck shirt but having a tiny frame hindered me from purchasing one which would look good on me. So yesterday, while going through the piles of clothes in the already-laundered-clothes-basket, I found this shirt which belong(ed) to my stepdad. Yes, BELONGED. Because it is now mine. Hee.

Shh! It'll be our own lil' seceret! :D

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Doodles on the side.

Oh how sketches and doodles become the foundation for better things, ie. clothes. :)
Doodling in my planner. It's something that I miss doing every time I get bored in class. I just have to doodle because 1.) my planner's plain pages bore me to death, 2.) ze doodles serve as deco on ze boring pages and 3.) ze doodles take up more space in my planner because I write lesser now. HAHA!

Plus, I haven't been drawing for quite some time now and I badly miss it.

My doodles/sketches:

(The arrows point to words: tulle and lace)

(Bad Romance lyrics by Lady G and Moulin Rouge-inspired corset outfit!)

Goodnight lovelies! :)
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