Thursday, March 28, 2013

Little Girl

I have found myself a formula for easy dressing which balances both style and comfort. This "blouse-skirt-flats" style equation is perfect for when I commute from QC to Makati via tricycle out our village, FX to train station then MRT to Ayala. I have often found myself being sad when I can't wear the clothes that I want to be garbed in 'coz they can be too attention grabbing (it's either you get the sneer/stare or appraisal) which can end up compromising my safety. Thing is, I feel like I limit myself when I hold back with my sartorial choices and yet it can be terribly uncomfortable when I go all out with it. So how do I find that balance? This outfit, in my opinion, is an example of that balance. It's as simple as the tee and jeans combo but the little details give subtle intricacies to this look. 

top- Vietnam
skirt- Seraphim
brogues- customized
bag- Furla
bowler hat- H&M
earrings- Forever 21
bracelets and belt- 168 Mall
watch- Guess

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

March Playlist

My favorite cousin is spending her summer vacation in our home and we've been listening to these songs almost everyday. We think they're the perfect background for when we lounge and browse the net starting in the morning 'til the afternoon. There are more actually but these are my faves this month of March. And as always, these songs are not randomly picked; for every playlist I try to evoke my feelings and unspoken thoughts through the songs that I pick and compile for each month. Every playlist is a reflection of what's been going in my life (and in my head) at the moment. Save for Carly Rae Jepsen's Tonight I'm Getting Over You since there's no one to get over about for me really. I just like it and think it's catchy. Haha! :)

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Think this is as hipster as I can get. Hipster triangles, black-rimmed specs, muscle tank, ethnic prints and chambray. Not really my style as I'm not into trendy items that much but on this day I kinda just picked out these pieces randomly---the top and skirt both had brown in it and I thought they matched---without meaning to look too "teenager-y" or something, pardon my being inarticulate on this one. It was fun though. My little sister remarked that I looked like a free spirit and a fun-loving girl. 'Course that wasn't anywhere near the truth. Haha.

tank top- Forever21
chambray- Forever21
glasses- Cotton On
leatherette skater skirt- iCandy
wedges- Mom's

Friday, March 15, 2013

Class Act

Last year on my birthday, I donned an all pastel look that celebrated my being 20 years old. It was cute and a bit mature; an apt look for someone who had just let go of her teenage years and welcomed adulthood. This year (on February 16), I couldn't be happier to have found a dress that perfectly embodied my being 21. If last year's attire was still a balancing act of being a teen and an adult well this year's was all about wholly embracing adulthood. Thank you to my boyfriend for gifting me this perfect dress for my special day. So here are some photos from my birthday dinner with the special people in my life. :)

dress- Miss Selfridge
shoes- Payless
purse- vintage
watch- Guess
pearl necklace- Landmark

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The (High)Lighter Side Of Japanese

Every Tuesday and Friday, I meet my boyfriend at Makati after his work and go on dates. Since we have limited time during these days, we usually end up bringing out Hungry Boy and Parched Girl within ourselves and embark on different food expeditions. This time, after months of prodding from me, we finally got to try out Umami Hambaagu House yesterday! Quite an indulgent meal considering our food had foie gras (P650) and truffle (P420) in it and yet they weren't that expensive. Not to mention the meal set offered refillable rice, endamame and shredded cabbage! We couldn't help remarking how sulit it was compared to a certain overhyped Japanese food house we ate in as well. And because I knew we were going Japanese this day, I made sure to be clad in a Japanese-inspired outfit too. Yes, I am cliche and predictable that way. This outfit is bright, colorful, quirky, eccentric and dark at the same time which tried to incorporate all types of Japanese subculture and fashion (ie. harajuku fashion, goth loli, schoolgirl, etc.) in one look. Of course, I had to still make it all come together and avoid looking like a mess by toning things down a bit. Plus, my highlighter neon yellow top was already too loud so I opted to pair it with black and added one more punch of color that came in the form of my flatforms. 

'Til the next Hungry Boy and Parched Girl post!

top- blacksheep
skirt- Forever21
flatforms- Manels
bag- bought online

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Summer Cut Outs

Sometimes I get hired for different types of job by my mom. I've been a stylist, designer, interior decorator, sous chef, waitress and nanny to her. This time, I was asked by her and her friends to be the photographer for a surprise birthday party that they were throwing for their friend. Well naturally I couldn't refuse my mom and being practically broke also didn't help but I knew I was going to have fun with them anyway 'coz they're such a fun bunch. So there. These were just some of the things I took photos of. Thought I'd also share an outfit post that was somehow summer ready in here as well. Behold, my "photographer" outfit part 3. 

top- Landmark
blue pants- H&M
shoes- Manels
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