Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Wit Beyond Measure is Man's Greatest Treasure

Late post! Been busy with my midterm exams/stories that I wasn't able to blog about this right away. Sorry 'bout that. Anyway, after watching the last Harry Potter movie last July 15, I suddenly became nostalgic and started re-watching all the HP films and re-reading the books (parts 1, 2, 5 & 6). Hmm...Explains why it took me a long time to blog about this. Haha!
Decided to dress up as a Ravenclaw student 'coz it was the last film! So forgive me for this HP-themed post. Hihi.Wit beyond measure is man's greatest treasure.
I didn't have a tie so I just settled for my blue ribbon from Tomato.
Do you guys like my 9inches-mahogany-it's-really-a-chopstick-wand? Haha!
Ah...This outfit reminds me of my Diliman Prep high school uniform. :(
...and that's me with my mom...and the lampin that my sis lent me 'coz I didn't bring a hanky with me to the movies and I was practically bawling. No kidding.
This isn't even an exaggeration, but I was just like this when I watched the film. Hahaha! I started crying when I realized that I won't have to bug my mom into buying me the sequel to a HP book for the coming years, no more HP films to look forward to every year and while thinking about all these, I also couldn't help but marvel at it's beauty. I mean, the film and the book are two different media but together, they are one beautiful creation.
And because I don't wanna end this post with me being sappy. Poor Voldy. Haha!


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