Saturday, May 14, 2011

PFW: Forever 21 + Premiere A

Wore this vintage bodycon dress that I dug up from my mom's old closet on day 4 of PFW with fellow blogger friends. This dress was actually loose on me and I just altered it by hand so the insides of this dress has that extra fabric and if you look closely you'd see the crude sewing that was done by moi. Haha! But what the hell this look got me 100+ hypes on which makes me extremely elated at the moment. Haha! I call this look "Frilly Rocker" coz it's both rocker and girly at the same time what with the smokey eyes, heavy chains round my neck, platform booties that I borrowed from En (who so kindly lent it to me) that gave off that rocker chick vibe while the frilly socks that I borrowed from my 5-year-old-niece Mischa and light rose colored satchel from Trinkets Royale Manila made the look a bit girly. :)
(photo courtesy of Status)
Watched the Forever 21 show with En and Neil and it was so refreshing to see such vibrant colored outfits on the runway! Styling was impeccable, the models chosen to take part in it were all very beautiful (both men and women) and I truly loved the hair and make-up on the pretty models! It was a fun show that was very true to the style of Forever 21.
Lots of picture-taking with fellow bloggers took place after the show. I was finally able to meet Aisa, Ana, Aie whom I admire and it really turned me (and En) into fangirls. Haha! (above photo: Lois, En, Joma, Jonard and Neil Palteng)
I flipped when I saw Tricia G. and all the other F21 ambassadors at the show! Haha!
Watched my 2nd show for the night which was Premiere A and though the show got a lot of celebrities (like Geneva Cruz, Tim Yap, Iya Villania, Nikki Gil and Carla Abellana) to model their masterpieces, sad to say some of the collections didn't impress me. Still it felt great to see designers' designs sent down the runway.
Me and Jean, En's friend/classmate at Sofa. I love this girl! It was the first time we met and we hit it off completely!
Divine Lee's Dsquared platforms! Ferosh!
FANGIRL MODE: ON again! Saw Camille Co and she was sooooo stunning (as per usual) and very nice! :)
As we were about to head home, we took one last chance on getting our photos taken with Tessa Prieto! (Too bad when it was my turn to have my pic taken with her the batt of my SLR died and I'm hoping that Lois or Joma were somehow able to take a photo of me so for now here's a pic of Tessa P. with En) Haha! Well, well she was garbed in this season's IT color: Orange! Love it. :) This night was amazeballs. Tiring, yes, but definitely worth all the muscle pain. Haha!



  1. Jossa, where did you get your bag? and what color is it? :) Love the look! no doubt, daming hypes sa lookbook!

  2. Hi Channie. Bought the bag from Trinkets Royale Manila. Color is light rose, i think. Thank you dear tuwa ako haha! :)

  3. Ok lang ba yung quality ng bag?

    Super happy ako for you, you saw pa Camille Co and tricia G! Grabe! :)

  4. Hey! too bad I didn't see you I was there too! Damn! I should have stayed after the show..haha

  5. Yep! Pretty sturdy naman sya considering ang dami kong bitbit nung fashion show. Haha! :)

    Thank you Channie ako din eh super kilig! :))

  6. @mestizay- Ohmy sayang! Yeah i wouldve liked it if I saw you there din! Well i'm going again this afternoon, hope i see you there! :)

  7. very pretty jonessa :) I SO love your bag!! and how fun! PFW!!

  8. Friendship!!! Ang cute ng picture nating dalawa. Nanakawin ko ah! Hahaha! It was nice to meet you! Super kwela kayo kasama! I saw Joma, Lois, Jonard and Neil kanina! Sayang di ko kayo nakita ni Nicole. :(

  9. love the dress! cant believe it was ur mum!!!

    xoxo jenna

  10. omg, those d squared platforms are phenomenal. love your outfit. really cute :)

  11. Oh God, so you were there the night I was there! I wanted to meet you, you know. :D I am the one wearing that floral maxi dress, beside Divine Lee. :)

    Mars of fashion insouciance

  12. thanks for the mention Jonessa!:D

  13. @mars- Ohmy yeah I remember being in awe of Divine's shoes and your shoes as well(kasi diba parang may photo sesh na nangyari)! haha! My eyes were glued to the floor and the shoesies kasi! tsk! Sayang I would like to meet you in person din!

    @neil- Hi Neil! Thanks for dropping by! Yey I will follow your blog!


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