Saturday, May 28, 2011

Grass Is Much Greener On The Other Side

(breton top-Tomato | culottes-Shop Capricious | satchel-Parisian | leopard turban-Flatterbuy | brogues-customized)like ink painting...
reminds me of a setting in a Jane Austen novel...
I was urging them to dance ballet with me. Well, I had fun doing it on my own. Hahaha!
Earlier today, I met up with my high school friends for a much-needed bonding sesh with them in UP. Though the weather was cloudy and rainy, it didn't stop us from having a grand time and a good laugh. The damp grass crunching beneath our feet, the rhythmic thudding of rain on the pavements, the gray cloudy sky and the chilly breeze were all very calming and soothing. Perfect for chasing our school-related anxieties (well for me anyway since classes have resumed for me already) away.

Ahh, I wish my uni had more green patches of grass! Clearly, the grass is much greener on the other side...literally. Haha!



  1. You are so pretty Jonessa, no kidding :)

  2. UP Dil is so awesome in your photos! i LOVE the shorts!

  3. really nice photos, jonessa! love the jump shot and your hairstyle!! missed you at BU :(

  4. very nice pictures! i love what you did to your hair. :)))

  5. yna- awww thank youuu! =)

    liezyl- UP is such a beautiful place that i cant not take pictures! Hee thank you!

    ava- i wasn't able to come to BU coz i had class that day and i didnt know how to get there by myself! haha! next BU i will def come!

    eunice- Thank you so much! im really glad that you like em! :)

  6. Very nice photos, Jonessa! You look so pretty in that outfit and I like your hairstyle! :D

    Lee of [Caffeinated Epiphanies]

  7. really lovely photos! love the shorts too. :)

  8. Thank you so much Lee! and thanks for commenting on my prev post! :)

    thank you chyrel! :)

  9. great style. :) and photos.. keep it up. following! :D

  10. Hi Carina! thank you for the comment and for following! :)


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