Sunday, September 4, 2011

Pageant Judging + Dinner Out!

Hi y'all! This isn't an outfit post but I'll get to that later as I'm going to create another blog post for that. So for now, here's what happened last night when my childhood friend Camille and I were asked to judge a beauty pageant for JCFAP where students from different universities gathered for this event.
I wore my Bench leotard-ish beige top, ShopCapricious tan culottes, Top Avenue single feather earring, Apricot studded heels from Manels and tan cambridge-inspired satchel from Coconut Gold.
The judges' table. Dun-dun-dun.
I wasn't really jotting anything down. Just posin' for the camera! Haha!
Cams and I hate flash photography (only 'coz we don't know how to come up with stellar photos using flash and...maybe 'coz I need an external flash?), but anyway, we think it's too harsh and we always end up with our eyes closed in pictures! Hence, our weird poses here. Haha!
So good of En and Rej to come with us! They're my grade school chums, you see. :)
Thank you to our sponsor Presto Creams. Chos!
The emcees and the president of the organization. :)
The girl who won the shortest shorts award. No kidding! You can barely see her shorts! Haha!
Ay bongga si ate. Kabog! This is what you call...Labas-bra-fasyooown. :)
Thank you to Leni for being so caring and accommodating! T'was nice meeting you! Sobrang bait niya swear. :)
Super duper mega late dinner at Johnny Rockets in Tomas Morato. Hihi home of the dancing servers. :)
Kawawang jukebox. Di namin tinantanan to. Haha!Nakasalalay sa piso ang aming kaligayahan. Haha!
Doing some old school moves. The "I'm drowning" dance.
I've had better milkshakes but...ah the hell with it!
Oh how I love soggy fries.
May gatas pa ako sa labi. :))
Cams felt so full she can't even smile. Haha!
And that's that! Cams and I had a fun time judging. Frantically looking up to see the candidates and glancing down our score charts (man they walked sooo fast!), sniggering as the male candidates took their shirts off while the girls screamed in delight and trying hard not to burst out laughing when those who weren't so blessed in the "buff" department walked down the ramp. Haha! It was a great night because it felt sooo good to be out after locking myself up inside the house during finals week! Anyway, I'm just glad that I'm officially on term-break mode and that I got good grades! But it's still a bummer that term will resume for me this coming week. KJ ng school namin! Di ko man lang na-feel yung vacay ko! Haha! :)

Will blog about my outfit on the next post! :)



  1. I love your outfit, your skirt is beautiful!


  2. Aww. JCFAP's president is my good friend! :)

  3. Hi Ate Darica! We're schoolmates in DPS diba? :)


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