Saturday, September 10, 2011

Fierce and Colorful

Gloomy weather calls for a bright and cheery outfit! But really, don't mind that lame reasoning, this outfit was actually semi-inspired by a Taiwanese drama series called The Fierce Wife. Haha!
So yeah, aside from shoving some Murakami up your browser the last time you went to visit, I'm now going to passionately blab about this new drama series that I (together with our household help) recently got hooked on. Bear with me people! Give it a chance. :))
Although the story of FW (Fierce Wife) may seem targeted for a more mature audience, it actually isn't just mainly about marital problems and the like. This could very well be anyone’s personal story, which makes FW all the more believable and possible to understand for viewers like me. I mean, I may not know much about divorce or marriage, but the sense of betrayal in any relationship can be easily understood by almost anyone. So here goes the story. Ever since the couple got married, Kristine had been nothing but a perfect wife to Louie. They had the cookie-cutter type of family. That was until Me Ann, Kristine's younger cousin, arrived from the US to stay at their home for a while (the girl needed to land a job and find her own place to stay in first). As the story progressed, Me Ann developed an attraction to Louie who soon fell for her too. They then start an affair that led to the disintegration of Kristine's marriage.
That's roughly the plot of the story. As you continue to watch the it, you will realize that it's not entirely about Kristine's failed marriage to Louie but about the journey she embarks on to become a confident and independent woman. A mom, an ex-wife but more importantly a w
oman who loves herself as much as she loves those around her (we have a saying in Filipino that goes---bago ka magmahal ng iba, matuto ka munang mahalin ang sarili mo / you must love yourself first, before you love someone else). The problem with Kristine was she forgot to love herself and live her own life when she got tied down to Louie. Her life revolved around him. And there's no problem with that. But the thing is, she let herself go. She forgot to take care of herself and abandoned the dreams that she once had. So yeah, after her divorce she strived to improve herself. She found a job, started dressing up (not to impress people but because she loved herself enough) etc. Fast forward to the ending, she became even more beautiful (eat your heart out Louie!), his life became miserable (ain't karma a bitch) and Me Ann (being mentally ill and all) learned she only liked Louie because she was in love with the idea of him being a successful man---someone she cannot have---and soon left him. Louie asked for Kristine's forgiveness and she acknowledged his genuine apology but she chose not to be with him again. Getting back with him would put everything to waste because to turn back means to revert back to her old self and to forget about the progress she’s made to become the independent, confident woman she is today. Hence, it was only reasonable for both to go their separate ways.That ending was such a bittersweet moment but it totally made sense. It made me admire Kristine more because she had the courage to move on and reject Louie's offer to get back with him. It's always easier to return to old convenient ways than to move forward, perhaps even alone. It also made sense that she didn't end up with anyone after her divorce. Aside from all the symbolism, jokes and metaphors (that I truly enjoyed) used and thrown in this drama, I guess what made me love this series even more was the natural ease in acting by the actors. Oh.My.Gosh. THE ACTING. The acting wasn't overly dramatic. So subtle. So simple yet so poignant. Kudos to these brilliant actors! Pero higit sa lahat, nakakaloka 'to kasi nakakagigil si Me Ann at Louie. I swear, when me and Ate Gina (our household help) watch it together, namimilipit na kami sa inis. Pinagpapapalo namin yung unan sa isa't-isa! HAHAHA! :)))

So I appear to have rambled on long enough. Haha! I hope after reading this, you'll give FW a chance and watch it yourself! You guys can watch it here! Now. Going back to my outfit, how was it inspired by FW, you ask? Well, that's my "If-I-were-a-fierce-mom-slash-wife" outfit. *laughs* I know it looks a tad too young and that's why I said it was only "semi-inspired". Oh excuses. Just agree with me please. Haha!

PS. Can't wait for "Nasaan Ka, Elisa?", a remake of the Chilean version "Donde Esta, Elisa?" which was based on Stieg Larsson's Swedish novel (originally entitled as Men Who Hate Women) "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo"!!! Hmm, interesting. I've watched the Swedish film version and it was really disturbing. If the story's based on the novel...then Filipino viewers are in for a big surprise. I wonder how they will receive it. :)



  1. Love the color combinations! ♥

  2. This is such a cute post!!! It's fun when fashion bloggers blog things aside from fashion. Makabili nga ng dvd nito. Naloloka din mga friends ko dito. :) Cute shoes!

  3. Thank you Nettie!

    Yesm Yna go buy naaa! Swear ang sarap panoorin kasi maaasar ka ng bonggang bongga! HAHA! :))

    Thank you Lee, it was a gift from Nicole! :)

  4. I really love your orange pumps!:) And that's a cute skirt!!! <3


  5. Love the outfit!! Specially that skirt of yours! Grabe you reminded me of my mom, when I saw the post about the series...bago ba? Maybe I should get myself a copy, antagal ko ng hindi nakakapanood ng mga ganyan! :D

  6. you're so funny! i can totally relate about how it's really fun to watch telenovelas. :) we usually discuss about last night's episode the following morning in the office or review it on youtube if we missed one. we'll buy a DVD of fierce wife. you should watch PURE LOVE too if you haven't. it's really nice too.

    i love your outfit. :)

  7. jana- yes, panghapon sya pinapalabas sa ABS, pero i watched the rest of the episodes online. I linked it here on this post! :)

    dred- haha! thank you! unfortunately I can't share it with my friends since they don't watch it naman. And yes PURE LOVE! i watched it together w/ my sister pero sister ko talaga mas na-adik don. :))thank you for sharing! :)

  8. It really takes a lot to be in a relationship and to never forget to love yourself :)

    Love your outfit, Jonessa! cute skirt!

  9. I agree with @AVA.

    Like your outfit babe, ze skirt is cute!
    anyway, Pinay blogger here, dropping by with ❤

  10. brinkka2011 says: Thanks so much for posting all of the good content! I am looking forward to reading more.

  11. uhhh i have recently been hooked with koreanovelas too! hahaha! I love the styling in koreanovelas tho did you notice?

  12. Yes Aie I noticed! Ang cucute ng mga outfits swear! :) What koreanovelas are you currently into?


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