Sunday, September 25, 2011

Oh So Random

Been away from the blogosphere for a while. Sorry for the unannounced hiatus and for not bringing you an outfit post today. Been reading like a maniac this past week, well re-reading the last 5 books in the Vampire Academy series in preparation for the final book: Last Sacrifice. And my god that week was great. See, my ideal day would be staying in and reading a book all day long. And I did just that starting last Saturday! School wasn't even a hindrance. (I may have skipped a class in order to finish a book in this series? Haha!)

So anyway, this post is just about some things that I took photos of this September and during the last week of August. Random post I know. I suppose you could think of this as an update of sorts? :) Photos above include my newly altered zebra print dress, snakeskin skirt, mom's resurrected super ancient beepers and cellphone (it looks more like a walkie-talkie if you ask me haha), new tassel necklace from Bubbles, sequined blazer and furry jacket from F-stop, my new fringe bags, my cousin Mariel's and Mama's cakes and more sweets! I'm especially proud of my homemade wicked oreos though I'm sure a lot of you can do it too. Oh well, I can dream that I'll make a good housewife, right? Haha!

But going back to my intro, (and you could skip this one if you're not interested in reading my review) I really enjoyed reading the VA series. It was sooo much better than Twilight. Then again, Twilight wasn't really good (for me at least so don't hate!) so no point in making that comparison. I know that it's a vampire-saturated market out there but what can you do? It's a classic. Back then Bram Stoker's Dracula, Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles and L.J. Smith's Vampire Diaries were the books that entranced readers (and they still do). So I'm not really ashamed to admit that I like reading stories like these. And trust me, the VA's plot's a bit different from other vamp stories. Vampires were shown in a different light, a bit of teen drama and intrigues were thrown in here and there, some politics and mystery to keep it refreshingly interesting and hallelujah the forbidden love aspect wasn't too cheesy. And the VA never disappointed me...well okay, some parts did but the plot and characters were written very well that I had to overlook the flaws and still give it to Richelle Mead. I especially loved it because of the characters. They all felt very real that reading this series had been such a cathartic experience for me. Rose was sassy, feisty, impulsive, reckless and rude yet all these flaws made her startlingly real. And even though I hated her for being such a whiny brat at times, for making selfish and rash decisions and ending up with Dimitri Belikov while abandoning charming and sexy Adrian Ivashkov (really, even his name oozes with sex appeal), I still think Rose was a badass heroine. Her POV was also very sarcastic, witty and funny which never failed to crack me up. Although the last 3 books didn't live up to my expectations (Rose just became increasingly annoying because she showed no character growth), I still recommend you give this saga a chance since parts 1, 2, and 3 were worth it. I stayed 'til the end due to my love of the side characters who developed really well (like Lissa, Christian, Adrian and Eddie) as the story progressed (and 'coz I didn't want an unfinished collection in my bookshelf). Character-driven plot FTW! Woohoo! Flaws aside, I do think the series was a step above other young adult vampire series out there. I even resorted to wearing my prescription glasses because I literally couldn't put the book down and my eyes started to sting, get blurry and puffy from crying so much. Yeah, it was that good. And now that I just finished reading all the books...I will patiently wait for the movie to come out. I do hope they push through with it. And now I'm moving on to The Hunger Games Trilogy! Can't wait!!! :)

PS. I hope you didn't feel like brushing your teeth after seeing all that sweet stuff above. Heh :))



  1. lotsa foodie!!:) and wow beeper!! always wanted one when i was little!! i super love the zebra print and skirt!< 3 :)

  2. reading goes first dear!
    lovely post,these photos are awesome!

  3. haha im glad you all like this post! Thanks girls for the sweet comments! :)

  4. I bet you'll get hooked with The Hunger Games Trilogy :) btw those sweets made me drool :)

  5. nicoco- i think i will like it too so im very excited! thanks for commenting btw! i appreciate it! :)

  6. All of a sudden, I got hungry. LOL. :)

  7. jamumai- then i guess this post was successful! :) thanks for commenting dear! :)

  8. Made me feel hungry, I love FOOD!! >.<



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