Friday, October 7, 2011

"Welcome to my crib," said Barbie

I apologize at how random my blog entries can get sometimes...well okaaay, I'm really not that apologetic. I mean, Barbie is a fashion icon so I think this can def pass up as a fashion-related post...right? Besides, this is my blog and I could write whatever the heck I want, right? OKAY. Done convincing myself. Haha!

Anywayyy, these photos were taken when the whole family was stuck at home due to heavy and continuous rain because Typhoon-WhatsItsName (the one which came before Pedring) hit the Philippines. I dunno, I guess you would and can really do almost anything when boredom strikes you. And that day--with its cold gusts of wind and gloomy atmosphere--I suddenly felt nostalgic of my childhood. So I brought out the Barbie appliances of my childhood just 'coz I felt like going through them again and then I thought "why not take pictures of it?" Hence this mini photo shoot with my little sister Natasha and niece Mischa.The dolls I used for this were not mine though, they belong to Natasha (explains the fairy costume and all). Haha!

I spent my entire afternoon amassing boxes of these and wiping them clean then putting them piece by freaking piece then rearranging the miniscule furniture as if I were a mad interior designer, dressing Natasha and Mischa for the shoot, taking pictures of everything...oh and also putting the tent up. Effort kung effort. Halatang bored eh noh? Haha! The setting up process took much longer (I started at 1-ish pm and ended at 5pm) than the actual playing part. So in the end after 4 hours of setting it all up and shooting it, we only played with it for a few minutes (minutes I tell you!) then packed everything up just like that! *snaps finger* 

And that's why I feel the need to post this. Sayang eh. Haha!



  1. this is cuute! :)

  2. ang cuuute nyo <3 minsan ginagawa din namin yan ng pamankin ko hihi masaya maging bata ulit!

  3. i agree nina! nakakamiss yung pagiging bata. wala masyadong inaatupag sa buhay! :)

  4. aww, i miss my childhood days, i have a collection of barbie dolls :)

    wild and fierce

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    model's own lipstick giveaway :)

  5. This entry made me missed my childhood memoirs :)) Barbie is forever pretty! >.<



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