Wednesday, June 2, 2010

School Mode

*Sighs* Wish I could just wear a uniform (like the drawing above) whenever I feel like I have nothing to wear to school...Never knew I'd miss having to wear one, considering that it was a dream of mine to enter a uni which has no uniform.


Please forgive me for the sudden hiatus and the lack of updates, school has already started for me and has officially ended my vacay. And for some reason, technology has also been very uncooperative with me for the past weeks. Just when our internet connection finally returned to its normal self, the computer gave up on me. And so I'm left with no other choice but to use this laptop which is as slow (in processing and stuff) as a granny with rheumatism!

Will do my best to get back to posting outfit posts soon! Now that school has started, I have all the more reasons not to mention the motivation, to get dressed-up! I just wish I'm not always too lazy to dress-up for school...Haha! Hey, I commute from Q.C. to Taft and it's not very comfy to travel in skirts/skorts/shorts! Plus, our school has a strict dresscode policy so that doesn't really help either. :P

Enjoy the rest of the week my dearies!



  1. nice sketch.. and yeah, sometimes we so wish to enter a no uniform school but then we miss our high school uniforms again. but for me, it's just up to missing. i greatly enjoy dressing casual despite our dresscode. haha!! good luck with school.


  2. I suddenly missed high school because of your post! Back then I always complained about our uniform; we wore long sleeved blouses which had to be tucked in all the time. The nuns always make a fuss whenever they see students with rolled-up sleeves.

    Good work on the sketch! <3

    Lee []

  3. @KC- I sooo envy you for not letting the dresscode at your school hamper your spirit in dressing up! haha! And speaking of school, where do you study? :) Thanks BTW!:D

  4. @Lee- I did miss my HS days as well because of this post! Sorry. Haha! Oh and I so can relate with all the complaining and whining about the school uniforms back when we still had them. Oh and the way you described your uniform, I can tell that I already like it!(as seen from my drawing, i wanted to have long-sleeved unifs!)LOL. BTW, from which HS did you come from? :)

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  6. High school, I went to Manila Cathedral School. We also wore neckties and pleated skirts. The nuns were very anal about the skirt length, dapat talaga 2 inches below the knees yung haba hehe :D

    Btw, there's this 8 Questions game and I tagged you! Please check out my blog when you have time.. :)

    Lee {}


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