Thursday, June 17, 2010

Bohemian Babe

I am so addicted to (color) brown, bohemian outfits, cat eyes/winged eyeliner and fishtail plaits lately. My mom and I went shopping the other day and I couldn't help but be drawn to bohemian tops that I spotted at 3 different shops! This was somehow unusual for me since I wasn't one to sport this kind of style but then I was re-reading my blog when I saw this and this and that was when it came to me that I have been donning bohemian clothes for quite some time now. Haha!

So here is another bohemian outfit from me y'all! I'm embracing the bohemian in me. :)

Aren't fishtail plaits the cutest? Wish I could always do it to my hair but heck, I'm always running late for school so an ordinary side braid will do. :D

Woah! Plenty of pictures, I know. Happy Friday guys!

'Til the next post!


  1. HI SIS!so cute attire and I love the sandals! Where did you get it?:)

    Simone's Closet

  2. hi dear! bought it at People are People for only 700php. Thanks for droppin by!:)

  3. great bohemian look! i followed you here from chictopia because i was amazed with your ripped gray jacket heheheh :))
    nice blog girl :))

  4. @kim- thank you so much dear! glad you liked it!:)

  5. You should wear something like this in school! but the weather is unpredictable nowadays.

  6. @melibabes- i would if we didn't have a dresscode policy and if I don't commute every frickin day to taft!:))

  7. i wish i could do that to my hair! very cute :)


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