Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What Could've Been

Now ain’t this outfit totally different from my last outfit post?

I was supposed to wear this to school yesterday but then I remembered I couldn't wear something like this 'coz of the dresscode policy that we have in the uni. Boo! So I changed my skirt into pants and decided to change my blouse later on ’coz it was damn warm. The items that I actually used were the shoes and the bag only.

The Shoes: New shoes! Again. I just can't get enough! Bought these lovelies when Mama and I watched SATC2 last last last Friday. They are what I call my “Happy and Feel Good Shoes”. Haha! Whenever I look down and catch a glimpse of them I get a warm feeling inside of me! Yesterday morning we had a depressing quiz on Mass Communication and while I was glumly answering the quiz, I just looked down at my shoes and I felt positive once again! Haha! They're like a disco ball adorning my footsies!

The Fuchsia Pink Lipstick: I’ve been wearing red and pink lipsticks (alternately) almost everyday! A coat of any of these two colors on my smackers instantly brightens up my pale face.

The High Ponytail: I missed doing this to my hair! Ever since the start of college, I haven’t been putting my hair up (until this post, of course) and I missed it!

The Striped Button-down Shirt: I got this at the “reserved gifts for Christmas” pile in my mom’s closet. This shirt was way too baggy on me at first but with the help of my so-so sewing skills (say that out loud and it'll crack you up...or not), I managed to make it fit me just fine.

Oh and that's our cute little babybrother dog Tyler, making a cameo in this post. He's the baby brother that I never had. Definitely completes the family. :)

Much Love,

ScarletApril xx


  1. WOW! I love your style!
    I hate that I couldn't wear that kinds of clothes! XD
    What breed is the dog? He's so cute!

    Followed you in blogger, please follow back :))

  2. you're really stylish. it's obvious that you're a true blue fashionista :)

    thank you for visiting my blog!:) I love your blog!

  3. @rachel- thanks for dropping by dear! Our dog's a shih tzu. :)

    @ava- thanks so much. that really means a lot to me! your comment just made my day:))

  4. awww.. cute dog! We see our dogs as part of our family as well. haha!

    Nice outfit! :)


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