Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Beige and Black

Yey! An outfit post! Well, it's about time I posted, right? :D

But before you get to the outfit post, here are some photos that were taken last Thursday on my first day as a sophomore in college. Enjoy. I guess? Haha!

My college BFF Anna, is celebrating her 17th birthday today! Happy 17th bANNAna dear!:)

Met up with Anna and Abbie 'coz *sobs* we're not blockmates anymore.

Then went to Anna and Abbie's new condo unit to eat lunch.

A late birthday present from Meli. Thankies dear! :)
I'm so glad to be back to blogging again! During those non-blogging days, I swear I felt like I was going to lose my head! Blogging takes my mind off of things even just for a short while and it lets me reconnect with my first love which is Fashion. It was then that I realized how much this blog has come to mean to me. :)

So how's everybody doing? Enjoy the rest of the week and the remaining days of summer! School's about to start in less than a week for those people whose schools aren't following a trimestral system. Lucky you. Poor us.



  1. good luck with sophomore year!! :D it will be blast, really! :D

    i love your sandals in that outfit!! really stylish!! :D

    Animated Confessions

  2. Your bag is so cute, it looks like a big coin purse to me teehee :D

    Lee [spunkandglam.blogspot.com]

  3. @libys- thank you for dropping by and for the sweet comment! yeah, i do hope sophomore year will be good. :)

    @lee- haha! thank you! you're absolutely right! I never looked at it that way before... :D

  4. @laura- thanks for droppin by dear!:)


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