Thursday, May 13, 2010

Light as Air

This top is as light and as breezy as air. Perfect for this hot weather.

I've always been in search for bohemian/Japanese-inspired tunics so when I saw this at Mags, I immediately bought it, well my mom did. Haha! Even though I already spent all my shopping money that day, I asked my mom to loan me some moolah and promised to pay her back when school starts. Haha!

The shoes, they’re my fave red pair. The pleated ribbons remind me of Ferragamo. As for the shorts, they were actually pants that I cut because the length was too awkward. :)

I had to tuck the pleats in because *sniffs* my shoes are falling apart. I just use this pair way too much. How could I not? I love the color red and a pair of red shoes immediately spruces up a blah outfit. I hope to find a good pair such as this when I finally have to bid this pair adieu. :(

Wore this to a banana muffin date with two of my closest gal pals Ara and Deb. We talked over some serious friendship troubles and they were more than helpful.

Enjoy the rest of the week dears! My week has been a bit gloomy. Friendship troubles. I hope to clear things out soon though. Wish me luck!

Scarlet April


  1. LOVE this blouse. so gorgeous!

  2. i like your blouse and shoes!where did you buy them? :)

  3. Hey there Denise! I got my blouse at Mags and my shoes are from YRYS. :)

  4. hey... :) i dont know if my previous comment did not get posted or what, but may i know where Mags is? which mall? thanks!!! :)

  5. @nabikichan- hey there. :) Mags is located in the new building of SM North Edsa. The annex. hope you find it!:)

  6. Such a beautiful outfit :)


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