Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Like Living Under a Rock

Wow, I think I've been gone from the blog-o-sphere for too long. So, the reason behind it is because the internet connection had gone haywire here in my place. I could've gone somewhere else but the whole family left for the province to attend the fiesta there for 3 days and left me and my cousin home alone and penniless (not really penniless but not enough moolah for hanging out and stuff like that). I couldn't believe I lasted 3 long days without the net.

So on that last day of being bored, while anticipating my family's return, I saw my childhood friend Camille heading out to a convenience store under her lil' umbrella. I practically shoved our window screens away and yelled my lungs out in my excitement to see OTHER people. Haha! So that was how I convinced Camille and Elyssa to hang out with me that day. Haha!

I tried out La Barista's Irish Creme. Verdict? Won't compare to RnB's yummy coffee. Haha!

Their cream puff that Camille ordered.

Wristwatch and ring from my mom.

Elyssa's colorful bead bracelets. She gave each one of us a bracelet that she all got from her recent trip to Bora. Thanks dear! :)

Camille and Elyssa enjoying streetfood. :)

Here with my fellow blogger friend Elyssa. :)

And that was a fun day spent with two of my girls. They rescued me from yet another boring day that Monday. :)
I missed you guys! Hope everyone's having a splendid week!
(other photos stolen from Elyssa's FB. Hee.)



  1. fishballs! i love streetfood! so yummy!

  2. hey there! thanks so much for dropping by my blog dear! and i agree, they do taste good! :)

  3. the camille girl looks cute and sooo chica! i lover her necklace...

  4. @KC- haha! camille is indeed a looker and i totally agree bout the necklace. thanks in behalf of her! :D


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