Saturday, May 8, 2010

Red and Black

My debut was definitely a dream come true for me. As a child, I've always dreamed of having a debut mainly because I wanted to wear the most beautiful gowns and feel like a princess on that special night but practically and honestly speaking, I didn't want it as much and as bad as I used to. You could say that my childish reveries were replaced by more practical thoughts and dreams. But looking back on this great night, I'm glad that I still pushed through with the decision of having a debut. :)

My gowns, the place, the event itself, were just how I had envisioned it to be.
I definitely felt like I was an actress during the Old Hollywood era in my gowns. I had my designs in mind already when I sought for the help of my couturier. He made it happen and stepped it up a notch by giving my gown a little flamboyance with the long and textured train. As for the hair and make-up, I turned to my trusted make-up artist and hair consultant Ms. Gina of David's Salon in Trinoma. She's been my hair stylist and make-up artist for the longest time. :)
And this one is my second and last gown for the night. This was taken at the end of the programme, when I was already a bit tipsy so excuse the slightly haggard face. That also explains why this dress has only a few (pictorial-material) photos. Hee. I do wish I had powdered my face and put on some more red lipstick here. Oh well, I was too excited to get the shoot over with and party some more thus the crappy photo. Haha! :)

Scarlet April


  1. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! the black & red dress is a dream!!!!!!!! the best dress I'd never seen!!!
    love it!!!!


  2. aww thank you so much! glad you love it!:)

  3. Those gowns are GORGEOUS! so do you :D

  4. thanks channie! you're so sweet!:D

  5. wow! seriously they're so beautiful!


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