Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Suburban Mom's Child.

Today's outfit post was somehow inspired by the lifestyle during the 40's and/or 50's. How so? Well, I helped my mom out in the kitchen to make polvorons this morning (very unusual for the two of us because she doesn't really do kitchen duties and I don't usually help out with chores as well). Polvoron is a Filipino dessert (or not) and the activity couldn't help but make me feel like I was the child of an ultimate suburban mom (now this was ironic since she's far from becoming a housewife, the girl's such a go-getter!). Haha! Think January Jones in the series Mad Men or Nicole Kidman in The Stepford Wives.

Here are the little polvorons that I helped make and mold. :)

The silhouette definitely reminds me of the 4o's and/or 50's...

I just couldn't get enough of the socks and heels trend! This is my second post featuring this trend. Now, the outfit was just too sweet for me so I toughened up the look by carrying a huge leather bag.

Whenever I look down at my nails, I always crave for a cup of Starbucks Caramel Frappe because the color reminds me of it, but I never get around to buying a cup. HAHA!

I felt like a schoolgirl again with my outfit and shoes. :)

The Peter Pan collar of this shirt brings enough whimsy to an outfit!

Will I ever help out in the kitchen again? Probably no. Haha! I'm just too lazy for anything that will make me work up a sweat especially in this scorching Manila heat! I'm glad that I got to bond with my mom over polvorons though. :D

Scarlet April


  1. Cute shoes! And now I'm craving for polvoron.. :D
    Belated Happy Mother's Day to your mom!

  2. @lee- thankies! belated happy mom's day to your mom too!:)


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