Friday, March 30, 2012

Washed Out

We've reached the last set of my outfit posts in Macau/HK. Just a few photos to share with y'all today 'coz I was feeling really ill when these shots were taken. I wasn't even wearing a dash of make-up here and now I'm kinda regretting it 'coz I look totally pale and in pain. Haha! Although I was ecstatic that I was in another country, by the time these photos were taken I was yearning desperately to go back home to the Philippines just so I can finally drink my medicine. Lol. So yeah, thank you for sticking around. I am always grateful. :)

P.S. 2nd Blogversary giveaway coming right up!!! 

lilac jumper- thrifted
leopard leggings- So! F.A.B.
boots- from Taiwan
bowler hat- H&M
shorts- random brand


  1. i lovee ur leggings!! so cute!!!

  2. Cute look jonessa! :))

    anne <3

  3. lovely outfit, love the leggings :)

  4. Looks like you had great fun on this trip :) I love the outfits you wore!


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