Monday, March 26, 2012

HK Disneyland Part III: Wrap It Up

The It's A Small World attraction was one of my favorites in Disneyland. It was like riding a loveboat and you get to see cute dolls representing different countries. As you can see, the dolls representing our country were inside a bahay kubo. What's more awesome was they were singing "It's A Small World" in Filipino! When we all heard it we definitely felt proud and nationalistic all of a sudden. Maliit lang ang mundo, maliit lang ang mundo...
 The newest attraction in HK Disneyland...Toy Story Land! Everything was humongous! That or we just shrunk. Haha!
When it was finally time for the fireworks display, I gave up holding back my tears. As soon as I heard A Whole New World and Be Our Guest playing in the background, a lump in my throat started to form and I got really choked up. Haha! Oh God it really was something. It became harder for me to take photos 'coz my viewfinder started getting foggy from the tears! What can I do, when I heard "...indescribable feeling" from the song all I could think of was "I totally agree! It really is an indescribable feeling!" Lol.

Ahh...and this is where I wrap up my HK Disneyland adventure! I hope you all enjoyed it 'coz I certainly did! Will be back to regular posting of outfits after this. Thank you so much for dropping by! :)



  1. Wow! Fun vacation! Hope I can go to HK soon, too. :)

  2. Yes thank you! You really should! I'm sure you'll have loads of fun! :)


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