Sunday, March 25, 2012

HK Disneyland Part II: The Memories

Sneaky paparazzi-shot of this family! I just think it's too cute that the little girl has her mother's chinky Chinese eyes and has her father's blondish hair!
 And now the much awaited Flights of Fantasy begins!
 Melancholic Eeyore together with Winnie!
I was sooo excited to see my favorite Disney Princesses come to life! 
 I do believe in Fairies! I do! I do!
 Jessie and Woody the new IT couple? Holding hands while walking pa! Haha!
 Call me, maybe? :))
 Ahh this hair. <3
I hope you're not tired of reading these travel entries just yet. I have a few more that are still on queue but I do hope you'll continue reading them 'coz I really wanna share with y'all the photos that I painstakingly took along with the fun moments that I've experienced. So thank you for dropping by! :)


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