Saturday, March 17, 2012

Fluffy, Leopard, and Sequins

 Welcome to Hong Kong! *secretly blushes thinking this is where Shaoran Li--of the anime Cardcaptor Sakura--lives.* Haha!
 My cute little sister-slash-photographer in an all pink outfit!
Met these really friendly and accommodating fellow Pinays when we had lunch at KFC there. It was their day-off that day and they were celebrating someone's birthday. Even though they only met us for just a couple of hours, they shared the birthday cake and took photos with us. Aww. Our kababayans are the best! :)
We went to Mongkok (ladies' market) after that where we scored fabulous items for very affordable prices (well in Hong Kong dollars, yes). But If you convert them to peso everything's still quite expensive. But you know how it is here in Philly. Gaaah, I love it there in Hong Kong! It was really quiet in Macau that you barely see people walking on the streets. They were either in Old Macau or inside the buildings. But in Hong Kong, everyone was out---even at night! The sidewalks were filled with people that it was hard to take my outfit shots without getting trampled on by the crowd. Haha! Most of the people were sooo fasyon too that I wanted to take shots of everyone's outfits. Ah I could go on and on...I just want to be there again! :)

fluffly sequined jumper- TNC Manila
shorts- 999
leggings- Terranova
boots- from Korea
scarf- Landmark


  1. you look so beautiful. I love this outfit! Following you now (:
    Can you tell me how you became a teenvogue blogger?

  2. Thank you! I'm so glad. :) Well you could apply to become one and they will assess it. :)


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